1. josyanf1

    GMS 2 Heat waves effect [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone! In arcade games I have seen that many use this technique of drawing waves with a sprite to give the sensation of heat / fire. Do you know what this effect is really called? Could you give me a hand to recreate it? Thanks in advance, regards!
  2. Q

    Desert Plane Game? idk

    Hi everyone! i want to introduce my super duper game. First variant of gameplay, and some enemies. Then i thought it'll be cool if second player can choose some vehicle to play I'll be thankful if you leave some feedback. Some of questions that bothering me: 1) is the graphics looks ok or...
  3. SilentPhil

    Asset - Graphics Pixel art - Background Pack

    Price: $4.99 Resource link: Marketplace Description: Well detailed backgrounds for your side-scrolling/fighting/etc game. Background ideally combined with the characters from THIS set. This asset included: 6 backgrounds. size: 256x128 and 6 foregrounds. size: 256x128 Forest-1 Forest-2...