1. nnn1czech

    GMS 2 changing the depth of others, moving the right thing

    Nice day. (I do not know how much English - I translate in the translate.) Please, how can I do it (dress up game): 1.) When I click on thing A, the other things (thing B, thing C ...) are under A. And when I click on B to put other things under it (thing A, C ...). 2.) It was moved with the...
  2. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Depth-Based Grass with Wind

    Matharoo presents... Depth-Based Grass With Wind Drawing grass with depth has never been so easy, and fast! Using this asset, you can add grass to your game that will have depth and also a wind effect. You can fill your room with grass, or set a circular or rectangular area to fill grass...
  3. J

    GMS 2 Simulated depth in 2.5D

    Making one of those 3d-looking games like Spineworld or other MMO's you've probably seen. Anyone know how to simulate depth in something like this? Such as, the player sprite is drawn over an object when it is supposed to be in front of it, and is drawn behind it when it should be behind. I...
  4. V

    GMS 2 Change controller depth

    I have a question about draw_text depth. For example. I have a mainController. It has draw event. I draw some texts in this event. Does text has depth = 0 ? Is it possible to change mainController depth? My text should be above objects. I want to decrease text depth.
  5. B

    GMS 2 Sprite having multiple depth?

    Let's say my game have a desk with a chair, and a character. I want character to come to the desk, sit on the chair and rest his hands on top of the desk. The problem is that his legs should become covered by the desk, while his hands should be covering parts of the table. I can make one sprite...
  6. M

    setting transparency when walking behind object

    I want my tree sprite to turn transparent when the player walks behind it, but with place_meeting it checks for the collision area, not for the actual sprite area... if place_meeting(x,y,character){ image_alpha = 0.5; }else{ image_alpha = 1; } so right now it only turns the tree transparent...
  7. Y

    Legacy GM isometric tiles

    I'm making a rpg game (graphics style is kinda like pokemon) and the room is 15000x6000 to increase performance I changed most objects that don't collide with the player to tiles. but they are either in front or behind the player. I wanted to use -y in the layer depth but this isn't possible I...
  8. U

    GMS 2 How to place a image above room background?

    I want to see the a image above the background. But now i see background only ( And allways see what load last (sprite_add,sprite_index). In code below it will be a background. So i see it. How to fix it? RoomCreationCode var image_sprite; //logo code //the object logo_object is located in...
  9. K

    GMS 2 Persistent Objects' Layer Issue

    Hello, I have two rooms, one is a duplicate of the other with the exact same layers (name and depth), just different contents. The first room has the player (persistent object) in the "Player" layer and the second room has the same "Player" layer without the player object. I am testing by...
  10. J

    Trouble with simple 3d projection in GMS2

    Hello! I'm trying to create a scene in 3d that's largely static, but takes advantage of depth in order to create a beautiful parallaxing effect when the camera moves slightly or screenshake is applied. You can see in the bottom picture what I'm going for. Basically sprites acting like they were...
  11. B

    Custom draw event when using an order table

    Hey guys, I'm creating an rpg in Game Maker Studio 2 and instead of using y = -y for depth I'm using an order table system where every y coordinate has a ds_list assigned to it with every instance associated with that y coordinate stored in it. The order table manager than loops through all...
  12. G

    Legacy GM depth ordering in oblique progection (n00b)

    Hi all this is my first real attempt at making a game. Its going to be a puzzle/adventure game that is drawn in a top down oblique perspective. The character moves left right up down instead of at angles like in an isometric game but you can see the left and right walls unlike normal...
  13. Y

    GMS 2 GMS2 Depth issue

    Hey guys. I am using GMS2 and I've encountered a werid issue. Whenever I use negative depth my objects and particles aren't drawn at all. Instead of being drawn on the top of everything. Also effect_create_above() doesn't work also, nothing is being drawn. Funny enough effect_create_below()...
  14. R

    GMS 2 Layer Tile elements & dynamic depth.

    The plan is to emulate depth of assets in a top down view. This is done with objects by setting each objects depth to minus it's y value. depth = -y; So if an object is above another it shows up behind and and if below it shows up in front. Ideas for doing this with tiles and layers? My first...
  15. G

    Depth Issue

    GameMaker Studio 2 IDE v2.0.7.171 Runtime v2.0.7.110 My game is a top down 2.5D My player has up, down, left and right sprites My player holds a gun which is a seperate object. In the step event for the gun object, I have always had this code; if obj_player.sprite_index = spr_player_up{ depth...
  16. Bee

    GMS 2 SOLVED: Please help me with depth sorting

    I am having one hell of a time depth sorting with an isometric game I'm making. Here's what I want: - I have characters around 44x54 pixels - I have objects ranging in size from 29x55 pixels to 100x100 pixels - I want the characters to be able to walk slightly in front of objects so they layer...
  17. BulleTech Studios

    Discussion [SOLVED] Handling Top-Down Depth?

    Thinking of a top-down game like Pokemon, where the closer the player is to the bottom of the screen, the lower their depth, AKA they appear in front of objects higher on the screen. In GM:S 1.x you can simply code this by putting depth = -y; in the step event for example. But for GMS 2, with...
  18. K

    Legacy GM How DO You Change The Depth Of Particles?

    Okay My Game Uses Quit A Bit Of Particles But They Go Behind All My Tile-sets! I Try To Set The Emitter Object To Have A Lower Depth Than My Tile-sets Or At Least Be Able To Know How TO Change The Depth Of My Particles.
  19. D

    How do I change an objects depth in GameMaker 2?

    I'm making an isometric game and I can't seem to figure out how to change the depth so the player can not be see behind an object but can be seen when standing in front of it. I use to do this in GameMaker 1 by just changing the depth of the player to -10 but I figure out where to even change...
  20. C

    Background Tiles Depth?

    I created tiles using the background folder but i want ny character to walk behind or in front of them depending on y, so i set the depht = -y; for my character but i dont know if there is a way to set the depth of the background tiles, i am a begginer forgive me.