1. M

     Metnia Castle - The Space Castle (Test Demo)

    METNIA CASTLE By Mocgames998 This is what I've been working on recently. It's a metroidvania that's going to literally be Metroid + Iga's Castlevanias. The platform code is based on Zack Bell's tutorials, but with some...
  2. FiveSprites

    Windows Scramble Remake demo made in GMS2

    For a giggle I streamed me making Scramble from scratch in GMS2 this morning. The below is the result so far. Well, I say so far - I've run out of time today and building the terrain up will take quite a while. It did only take a couple of hours, so don't expect it to be perfect! :) Still...
  3. H

    Kool Gems demo

    Greetings all. I last posted about a mystery game project i was embarking. I started it off with the help of a fellow community member. It was progressing well but along the was I changed the graphics from a 2d perspective to a 3D one. There will still be other elements that will remain 2D...
  4. M

    Demo Zombie Gaunt

    Hello, Masked Ninja Games has a brand new Demo just in time for Halloween. Zombie Gaunt is a top down shooter with Killing Zombies as the main objective. Collect loot to upgrade and purchase new weapons. Search through a Huge House full of Zombies. Solve Puzzles to open new doors and passages...
  5. T

    Demo Time Warper

    I made a Quick Tech Demo for the 20st Monthly Gamemaker Reddit Challenge I chose to create a quick "Game" about speeding up and slowing down Time. Download:
  6. M

    Free The Office (Demo)

    We are proud to announce that our demo for "The Office" has been officially released and is available for download below. ---------------------- Thank you all for the moral support as we delve deeper in the game development community. We will continue work on "The Office" and hopefully release...
  7. G

    10 - Monetisation Tutorial is somewhat broken

    I'm new to Game Maker. I'm just following along in the tutorials and this 10 - Monetisation was next and the steps aren't easy to follow and things seem broken. Issues: 1. I believe the Preferences -> Profile tab was moved and is now found under Marketplace - Beta so the instructions are wrong...
  8. M

    Alpha System Remnant | Sci-Fi Platformer Shooter [Devlog] [4.7.17]

    System Remnant A sci-fi action, shooter platformer with rouge-like elements and randomization. Follow an exploration droid that is trying to get home, exploring hazardous environments and defeating powerful enemies along the way. Discover altered locations, upgrade your weapon with an extensive...
  9. M

    Alpha Spoja - The special 2d platformer game

    Hey, I currently paused the work on my game since a few months. But I would like to see some feedback of the demo version of my game. It's still in the alpha. Screenshot of it: Please note that the game is not finished! Website: Download...
  10. Desix

     Feral Umbra

    Explore a vast and alive world filled with demons, ancient technology, and boundless challenges. Enter on a quest to extirpate the malevolent power which was used to conceive you. Screenshot: Progress: Currently working on graphics and combat
  11. S

    Demo I Wanna Be the Troll (working title) - Demo

    I'm working on a fangame of I Wanna Be The Guy (apparently the name "I Wanna Be The Troll" is already taken), and wanted to see what the GMC thought of it. I'm new to GM so I'm sure its not perfect, so I'd like to get some feedback on how I could improve it. ***Disclaimer*** Some content has...
  12. Binsk

    Windows [UPDATED: 6/6/17] HTC Vive Support [Github Repo]

    EDIT: This project is long dead, poorly organized, and will need a complete rewrite to work with current systems. I may do so in the future but at this point in time it is only good as a casual reference. Hello everyone. Introduction: I have been trying to add support for the HTC Vive to...
  13. D

     Cuniculus Ludere first prototype (platformer-RPG-shooter hybrid)

    Hello This is a really rough prototype of a game I am working on, with placeholder graphics for the time being. The gameplay is mainly platforming where you are chased around the level by a monster which must be avoided in addition to the hazards of the level itself. There are also shooter...
  14. Y

    Demo God-Sent Killer: Sun Man (Prototype) [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    "Claims by most of witnesses of the brutal and very personal murders claim that our suspect, "Sun Man", disappears in a large, blinding flash of light, as if the sun appears right behind him..." God-sent Killer: SUN MAN is a game I have been working on for a long time now. I started during...
  15. csanyk

    Asset - Demo PNG_2_room

    PNG_2_room is a simple, easy to modify demo for how to populate a room with instances according to a color coded image file. Each pixel in the source image can be color coded to correspond to an object or tile in your game. Use the script room_instance_add_from_png() to populate a room with...
  16. Piclet

    Windows Platform Maker DEMO

    Platform Maker allows you to make your own levels of platform, play them and share them with everyone. (Something similar to Mario Maker) - English and Spanish languages. - Support for joystick. - Export and the import of levels. - Support for record by level. - More than 100 objects to place...
  17. B

    Google Firebase Analytics

    Hi, I need to integrate analytics in my games. I was using Google Analytics, but recently Google switched to Firebase. When will yoyo update analytics demo? Here's similar post about my problem...
  18. GhostlyFeline

    Windows Typhoon Unit - Side-scrolling bullet-hell action!

    DOWNLOAD THE LATEST DEMO ON ITCH.IO (06/30/2016) Typhoon Unit is a bullet-hell shooter built around switching between a variety of characters on the fly. Players take control of a pair of flying fighters, as they dodge, shoot, and cast spells through challenging levels, meeting a cast of...
  19. B

     Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter

  20. K12gamer

    GMC Forums Where do we put DEMOS of completed games?

    Do they go in the...Made with Gamemaker forum...or the Work in Progress forum?