1. magicweapon

    Windows Discord - Scroll down shooter

    This is a game I made to participate in a contest and I decided to upload it here in the game maker forums because I made it in Game Maker Studio, I hope you like it. Screenshots: Controls: Arrows - Move Enter - Select R - Shoot Esc - Exit So far there are only three weapons and...
  2. T

    Nightmare Cave - Demo

    Hey everyone! I just want to show you all my 1st game I have been working for a while now. If you like hard, challenging, action, adventure, 2D pixel art style, RPGs, maybe this game is for you. Currently it is in demo version to try out the core gameplay. Right now, it has 13 (small) levels, 7...
  3. G

     How Can I Get More People to Check my Game Demo Online?

    I'm working on a game called Immortal that I hope to release on Steam by the end of this year for Early Access. I want to make the best game possible; however, I can hardly find anyone online to try out my demo on Itch, let alone give me feedback to improve my game. I already posted a thread in...
  4. Bukmand

    Asset - Project [FREE] Full fighting game example engine

    What's inside the demo? - AI fighter enemy. - Solid gameplay mechanics. - Abilities based array. - Android touch virtual keys, Jump, move, attacking. - Admob ads. - Smooth transitions. - Reward system. - A solid collision and attacking system. - Achievements that triggers when you finish the...
  5. J

    Demo Otto and the Ancient Worlds (8-bit 2D Platformer)

    Otto and the Ancient Worlds Obvious Gravity Games LLC - DEMO RELEASE - Click here to download Otto and the Ancient Worlds DEMO (Windows). You can also signup to our mailing list to receive future updates. - FEEDBACK - After playing the demo, we would appreciate any feedback about the game by...
  6. NimNom1234

    Sprite art needed

    Look guys I need some sprite art for my game and I was wondering if someone could do it for free. I don't expect anyone to do this, for it is a bit of work for absolutely no pay. But it would be highly appreciated. Benefits may or may not include: -Your name in credits -Your art in the game...
  7. zendraw

     [DEMO] Frontline

    >FRONTLINE< [DEMO] Hello everyone. This is my new game that ive worked on in the past few months, or atleast the demo of it. I hope you like it and send me some feedback to impruve it before the final touch and release. What is it about? Frontline is an arcade space shooter with an extra...
  8. H

    Wacky Tacky Fighters (W.T.F.) - Fighting Card Game

    Hello, this is my first time posting here. However I have been making a card game for the past year or so with Game Maker and wish to get some feedback from you guys. Wacky Tacky Fighters (W.T.F.) is a fighting card game that allows you to pit Mages against Mechs; Ninjas against Dinosours and...
  9. V

    Windows So Much Laserz! - retro puzzle-platformer with lasers

    Hello! Finally I took courage to show you guys what little abomination I commited :) So Much Laserz! (quite cringey title, isn't it?) is a game I made for one of my college projects, over a year ago, and after getting positive feedback from my friends, parents and my course instructor AND after...
  10. G

    Full List of GM 8 vs. GM Studio

    I should have asked this in the first place... Can anyone provide a full list of all requirements between Undertale Demo- made with GM 8- and Undertale Full, made with GM Studio? Comparing two such lists can prove helpful and enable me to get the Full version running. I've managed to get...
  11. G

     8Th Sense 2D HandDrawn Platformer Demo.

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and after I've seen some of your great work I decided to join the WIP movement :D. I made this game for a game jam, but because I was still too slow at coding, I could barely get basic things done, and the game was, obviously, received with very...
  12. Jack Matthew

    Demo Diamond Dash [New topic in Made with GameMaker]

    Hi everyone, I recently uploaded a trailer and playable demo of my puzzle-platformer. The demo contains 25 of the 160 levels. I'd love some feedback for both! I'm nearly ready to release the full game, and I'm making some final tweaks based on feedback I've received so far. Trailer: Demo...
  13. A

    Demo A Dragon's Heat: Faith [0.004 SOON] [DEMO] [Patreon]

    A Dragons Heat: Faith based on an existing Story of another one of my projects INFO: Demo 0.004 incoming, including: new animations, Status bars, sounds, dialoguebox, etc. Hello there fellow Game makers. i once had a Thread here a couple years ago, so i decided to come back, but with a more...
  14. G

    Demo The unknown castle - Puzzle platformer

    News: Game is Released! Currently making: Marketing? - Also trying to get it to other platforms too A mysterious puzzle platformer This is a puzzle platformer where you control 2 characters and solve puzzles in a castle. In this game you control 2 characters, Halli-Valli (the purple...
  15. IE Entertainment

    Compiling A Demo

    Do I need to have a GM license to compile the game on my iPad Pro to show off as a demo?
  16. IE Entertainment

    How Do I Share A Demo`

    So a while back someone sent me a demo of a game they were working on. I just clicked on a (private) link and it took me there. I am no longer in contact with that individual so here is my question. How do I share my demo in the same way? Do I have to pay for the HTML license? I'm heading to GDC...
  17. Z

    Team Request Programmer and Artist needed for large project on unique 2D RPG [Revenue Share]

    I have a concept for a turn-based RPG about a performing musician and her growing band traveling between cities and playing shows. To protect my idea I can discuss more in PM or email (listed at the bottom), but will mention here that I hope to implement an interesting twist on traditional...
  18. 4

    Team Request Artist for a mini VN demo

    Hi, I will be uploading to the marketplace an easy "write and make" kind of visual novel framework this weekend (it is already complete, I'm working on the documentation), and want to make an html5 demo of it. I'm looking for an artist that wants to do, or already has in his portfolio, 3 upper...
  19. L

    GMS 2 YoYo Dungeon, manual or docs?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there exists any relevant docs, a manual or even a discussion (couldn't find one) on the topic of the YoYo Dungeon demo? If not, that is also fine, the code is there.
  20. Mattias Myde

    Tower Defense/Strategy game

    Hello everybody! So, my game is finished and will be released on Steam on the 12th of October. Just figured I post here and promote it a little bit and see what you guys think about it :) Also, here's a trailer for the game, I really...