1. teamrocketboyz

    Hazmat Harry + proof of concept DEMO

    Hello all i have been toying with an idea for a game for a few weeks now and have managed to develop a quick video showing what i have so far (its not much but im quite pleased with it). The game will be a platform game where you play as a SPONGE and the idea is to clean up the mess created by...
  2. Y

    Asset - Project [Solved] Isometric RPG game template?

    Hi. I think isometric or top view 2d map games are some of the basis of GMS2. The thing is, Im a bit lazzy to program all the collisions, 8 direction possible collisions, been behind a tree or not, etc etc. Do you guys know any template, demo or project that I can use as template? If it is...
  3. G

    Android Turn-Based Retro Medieval RPG *Demo|Android|Windows*

    Turn-Based Retro Medieval RPG _+_ Alpha Release now on Android and Windows _+_ Introduction Hello everyone. I have been working on this game on and off for around four years now, but I have made most of my progress in the past couple of years. I started the prototype to this game back when...
  4. Plisken

    Alpha Petal To The Metal

    Thanks for checking out my game! Check out the gameplay video below, and if you like what you see, consider trying it yourself! PTTM Gameplay: Game link: Game Jolt: (original post)...
  5. D

    Beta Looking for beta testers! (+Name in credits of final release)

    Hi everyone! We're looking for beta testers for our project "Chained" and we're putting everyone who takes part in the credits of the final release. We've got a signup page going here and you can watch a trailer of project below. PS4 controllers and Keyboard/Mouse setups are currently supported...
  6. S

    Windows Ascended Dark Matter (Bullet Hell/Shoot Em' Up)

    Hello everybody <3 Demo Build Feb 23rd, 2019 Link: Company FB page: Gameplay Video: Be sure to watch it in 720p with 60FPS These are the controls: Ascended Dark Matter is a...
  7. GapingPixel

    Alpha Fallen Angel Top Down Hack n Slash

    Play as the fallen angel Lucifer. Ascend and fight your way up... Download the Demo now! Trailer
  8. Red Phantom

    Demo Meskhenet - A Platformer/Adventure [closed by author request]

    [UPDATED] Download Link (you must be persistent in clicking yes to download this old-gamemaker-version executable): Video is updated. Sound effects muted in video It's a very short demo (5 minutes expected completion...
  9. Yong

    Released Gunkid 99, available now for FIRST ACCESS on

    GUNKID 99 is a fast-paced, 2d arena-shooter that is all about getting that HIGH SCORE. Available now on for FIRST ACCESS!! In addition to the DRM-free version on Itch, you'll also get a code for the Steam version once it is ready. WISHLIST ON STEAM (to be notified once it is ready...
  10. C

    Demo A Sci-Fi RPG - A Matter of Time Demo (Looking to receive feedback)

    Hey there everyone! I want to introduce to you all a project that I am working on - A Matter of Time. The game is a sci-fi RPG where James, a soldier sent from the medieval ages to the high-tech future, has to overcome every obstacle in order to take down the evil 'Dark Atomos'. I just finished...
  11. D

    Demo Skies Of Chaos - DEMO LIVE!

    -UPDATE- Our Skies of Chaos demo is live! If you have an iOS device, you can download with TestFlight below: Android version will be coming in the near future (when we get a device to test on!) :p We're also working on a full widescreen/big...
  12. joqlepecheur

    Windows Cool Headed, a light programming puzzle game

    Hello! Today is a big day, -Cool Headed- giveaway launch is underway on indie DB for a limited duration: It is now available on steam, and you can download the demo to try it: The game is...
  13. M

    [Solved] Help with Networking demo

    Hi all, trying to use a yoyo created LAN networking demo from this blog: Problem I'm having Initially I tried to integrate the networking features into my own project but when that didn't work, I attempted to...
  14. paddingtonbear1

    Higher Or Lower

    Hello everyone! I wanted to showcase a work in progress. It's a card game I built from scratch called Higher Or Lower, based on a popular game show featured on television. To start, click on the card in the top left hand corner to draw four random cards. Then, click on the first card, and...
  15. E

    Windows Journey of the fireflies

    Journey of the fireflies Link / Download : current Version: 0.0.4a Hotfix1 STORY: You play as Yuki a small girl who wants to free the world from evil. Some mysterious evil got in the woods and bound all fireflies and effected the wildlife. You...
  16. T

     Pixel art TD game: Town Defender

    Here is my pixel art TD game I've been working off and on for the past few weeks. It currently has 5 playable levels, 4 tower types, and 7 different enemies. I've been working on this in the time off following a traumatic event and I've been running out of ideas. If you have any feedback (other...
  17. Null-Z

    Released Adventure Guy!

    a simple 2D game based on the old gameboy black and white games and my first game A - Move Left D - Move Right K - Shoot Here's an updated vid: I should be able to release this as a demo soon. right now I'm looking for places to do that. NOTE: the reason the original videos are gone is...
  18. MMM

    Asset - Demo Flexible snake

    This GMS1 / GMS2 demo shows how to create a classic snake game but with a bit more freedom of movement :)
  19. MMM

    Asset - Demo Swipe blocks

    This GMS1 / GMS2 demo is a basic version of a code I used for my android game called UNNAMED Demo includes swiping blocks in 4 directions. NOTE: Controls of block swipe are improved and moving block is much smoother from...
  20. Yong

    Windows Gunkid 99 - high-score, arena-shooter (RELEASED! now on Steam)

    Hello everyone! I am currently on solo development of my very first game - Gunkid 99. To put simply, Gunkid 99 is a fast-paced, arena-shooter that is all about getting that HIGH SCORE. Gunkid 99 is now out on STEAM! Also available on! Inspired by Super Crate Box and old-school arcade...