1. ConstaChymic

    GMS 2.3+ Can you delete a struct in one of its own functions?

    I've tried something like this: static free = function () { delete self; } However this always makes GM freak the hell out and fail to compile with the error Cannot set a constant ("@@This@@") to a value, even though I feel like it should work? Unless I'm being a moron and self doesn't work...
  2. ChillAssLofi

    Deleting specific letters in a string.

    Hello. I have a question for you guys. I am currently making a game that's sort of like a word find. (You know the jumble of letters, and you try to find words hidden inside?) Well I have 99% of it done, but there's one very big problem with it. Let me explain the basic idea first. There's a...
  3. V

    Deleting folder GameMakerStudio2 and projects deleting.

    I was fixing my computer last time, and i forgot to save my game at .yyz file, i must to reload windows. Then when i launch program and login to account all my projects were deleted. Is there any way to return it? I have a game exported in .zip but i dont have anything else. ;-;
  4. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Delete array value/item???

    There is no built-in function to delete an item from an array, just like we have in ds_list_delete(id, pos). (EDIT: This function was added on GMS 2.3.1) How do I delete 1 item in an array, but preserve the rest? And I need to delete this item anywhere in the array, be it the first item, the...
  5. V

    Windows Game is deleting my sprites and is saying they're variables

    I open my game in the project editing window. It says "The variable sprite_index = sPlayerA (name of sprite) has not been set." Obviously, not a variable. It's a built-in command designed to interact with a sprite. A sprite which I have made in the game. It does this with another sprite called...
  6. punchbunny

    iOS iOS Deletes Save Files on OS Update

    Hi everyone, long time user, first time poster. I've started receiving reports with the last two iOS updates that my users' save files are being wiped out, with the app apparently reinstalling from scratch without saving anything from the 'Documents' folder. I was under the impression that the...
  7. Massimog

    Question - Downloading Is it possible to remove marketplace assets from your library?

    I have a lot of old assets I don't use anymore that I'd rather not have clogging up my library. I know I can delete the local files and just view what I have downloaded, but I was wondering if there's a way to remove assets entirely. I have old assets I'd like to delete from both GM:S 1.x and...
  8. William Garrison

    Question - Code All My Rooms just Disappeared

    Not going to lie, a little concerned here. All my rooms in GMS just vanished when I clicked Run(f5). I have been developing this project for months now. I swapped a sprite out I was working on and poof they all vanished. The Rooms section in the Resources is now gray as if nothing is there any...
  9. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted GM:S 1.4.9999 exe file.

    Hello. If you have GM:S 1.4.9999, can anyone send me it? I deleted it by accident and don't want to reinstall it again.
  10. S

    Discussion Gamemaker crashed and deleted everything

    I've been working on a sprite for the past 2 hours, and while working on it GameMaker crashed. I logged back on and the sprite's thumbnail has everything I have drawn in it, but when I clicked on it everything was blank. I also made an object with this sprite, and the object's thumbnail also had...
  11. O

    Delete certain instances of an object?

    I was wondering how I can delete certain instances of an object. I created a wall object, and I wanted it to be deleted whenever my character opens up the menu, (scr_menu), and selects delete (or case 0 from that script). I was wondering if it was possible to do this after placing the tiles in...
  12. foreverisbetter

    Question - Account Delete old asset?

    Is there a way to delete ones own asset from the marketplace? Thanks for the Help!
  13. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Delete objects in region

    I have a script to automatically generate a 'forest' out of tree objects but I want to have a bare patch in the middle. I wanted to accomplish this tree-less patch in the middle by deleting the tree objects within a radius with collision_circle but my code seems to do nothing. Mainly I'm looking...
  14. Elijah Budd

    HTML5 INI File Deletion

    I am using Gamemaker v1.4 I am working on a game for HTML5 that uses an INI file to save and load. On windows export, everything works perfectly. I hosted the game on and on a desktop browser it also works perfectly. However, when I use a mobile web browser, the INI file has been reset...
  15. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Can I delete some backups? (SOLVED)

    So I found some backup folders in Documents>GameMaker>Backups>GameName. Is it safe to delete some of them to conserve space? And which ones would it be okay to delete? (There's "GameName-0", "GameName-1", "GameName-2", "GameName-3", "GameName-4", and "GameName-5")
  16. S

    GMS 2 delete all objects within specific layer

    Hi all I am using the code below to delete all enemies within the layer "enemies" when the object containing this code is created. unfortunately there are 2 issues: - the first created enemy will not be deleted - the code deletes also some objects within other layers (this is really critical...
  17. P

    Windows Sprite Groups Destroyed My Project

    So, I tried cleaning things up in my project today and created new groups to sort my sprites into. After everything was now nice and neat, I ran a few test plays of my game and began noticing bugs like this: I just sort of brushed it off and figured maybe I had accidentally deleted my first...
  18. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 delete elements of a list without messing up the list structure?

    hello I have recently converted my ds_map of maps to a ds_list of maps for my ui elements. I did this because the key was not needed but in fact I needed a index for updating my menu with key based input. I however has come to another problem where the ui element do not keep their index when...
  19. U

    Deleted Room

    I accidentally deleted the 1 room in my game so I made a new one but when I run the game it just shows a black screen. Any tips?
  20. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Is it possible to have temporary arrays?

    When I try to instantiate an array like this: var array[0,0]; It gives me an error. Is there a way to have an array that gets deleted after I'm done using it?