1. Karlstens

    Windows Delayed Compile

    Hi all, At first I thought my game was failing to compile, but with no errors listing in the logs it became a bit of a mystery. And testing other apps in my codebase revealed that even my simple apps were failing to compile - or so I thought. Exiting and restarting GMS2 didn't fix the issue...
  2. ribbyte

    Asset - Scripts Say goodbye to ugly alarm solutions - literally write "execute in 2 seconds" or "execute every 10 frames" with this asset

    With our asset, this is now valid Game Maker code: That's what I literally wrote as code to make an image spin. Also, let's say your player is attacked and you want him to be invincible for one second - this is how you do it with our asset: Previously, you had a number of options, most of...
  3. shihabstudio

    iOS (SOLVED)only on ios, there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between touches or touch wont be recognized

    This bug i have encountered only on ios same code works normally on android , there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0,mb_left) touches or touch wont be recognized "note : same problem occurs in each other devices individually ". -THE CODE: I...
  4. mbeytekin

    GMS 2 gif_add_surface delay time parameter doesn't affect.

    I can't change delay time in gif_add_surface() function. Everytime it exports with same FPS. I'm trying to export sequence images which are at 23.98 fps in real. I do this in step event with predefined 15 surfaces for example. gifFPS=23.98; gif_add_surface(gifbuf,gifsurface[frm],1/gifFPS*100)...
  5. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Delay in Event Code?

    Is there a way, other than using Alarms, to make a delay in an event? For example, if I had my own "scr_wait" function to do this, I could use it in the Create event of an object like so: variable = 1; scr_wait(2); variable = 2; scr_wait(4); variable = 3; What this would do is make it such that...
  6. J

    Windows Output delay AFTER 'Options: [Path]\MainOptions.json and BEFORE Attempt to set gamepadcount [SOLVED]

    Edited Title and Main Post for clarity of issue and solution. Hello, I have tried searching for this issue and found 1 other unanswered thread that was similar however I cannot figure out what is wrong. When I go to build even something as simple as an empty room with a red square in it, the...
  7. L

    Android Black screen after purchase an item.

    Hello! Anyone have a problem after buy a product in app like this: When I buy an iten, after google validation, the screen goes black, and have a big delay to return to game, like an 5 or more seconds. Thanks.
  8. M

    Asset - Audio Echo/Delay Audio Effect for GameMaker Studio 2

    Hello! I've made an echo/delay effect for GMS2. We all know that GMS2 does not support audio processing, thus no support for audio effects. I've made a workaround for allowing an echo effect, very easy to apply. Just put audio_sound_play_echo() instead of audio_sound_play() and done with it. It...
  9. S

    What is the relationship between alarm function and room_speed?

    how to create delay with alarms and room speed?-_-?
  10. G

    Legacy GM Enemy jump, wait, repeat

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to Gamemaker and GML. I've been stuck on this for a few hours now and feel like this should be obviously simple. I am making a 2D platformer and want the enemies to simply jump up and down, wait a few seconds and then repeat. I finally got the jumping part working but...
  11. M

    GMS 2 Apparent input lag?

    Long story short: Somewhere between the game input and the graphics pipeline there's something noticeably delaying what seems to be the reaction of the game character to input. Where should I start looking? Any suggestions on input optimization? Have anyone else dealt with this?
  12. D

    Android [SOLVED] Response to touch haves delay

    Hi guys, I've been having this problem for a while now. The thing is that for example when I touch my screen to press a button that adds +1 to a counter It works fine but I have to wait like 0'5 secs to press It again. I mean that if I double click It doesn't detect the second click and that...
  13. K

    Windows Small problem a reaction time game

    Hi ! So basically I was trying to create a small game for a project among my friends. These are the codes I implemented in the game : This one down here pick a random number between 1 and 10 seconds and sets it as an alarm : This one turns the screen green or play a sound when the timer gets...
  14. A

    Windows Unusual delay running the game, VM and YYC

    So this only started happening today, in all of my projects. When I press run, it would normally takes seconds for the thing to finish and run the game. Now it takes about 40 seconds each time, which seriously hampers the ability to quickly prototype and test things. I've seen more threads...
  15. J

    Windows Error No INI File - Delays Running game, even in Demo Level

    This problem just arose after using GameMakeStudio 2 for over a month. Whenever I run my own game or a Demo Level provided by YoYo games this error appears.... (in this case the demo level of Platformer Lite) C:\Users\Joshua Mattson\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\YoYo Platform...
  16. BaconMuncher

    Please Help Me Slowly Flip 28 cards

    Okay, I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4 and have my game project showing 4 rows of 7 cards each on my screen. Right now I have the user selecting 5 cards as to which card holds the missing princess. Once the user selects these 5 cards, all I need help with is slowly (like ever 2 seconds)...
  17. T

    Simple delay using DND?

    So I was following the tutorial series for making a shooter game with Drag and Drop. For the shooting functionality the tutorial has us create a variable for cooldown, set it's value to 0 and then only allow shooting when that variable is less than or equal to 0. I wanted to add a delay before...
  18. R

    GML [SOLVED] Problem with alarms

    Hello everyone In one of my objects, I have a piece of code where a for statement iterates through an array, and checks what is stored in all the array positions. According to what's in the given position of the array, an action will be performed. The thing is that I'd like to add a delay of 2...
  19. K

    Enemies spawn with delay and different paths(How to?)

    Hello, I have currently a problem with making same enemies spawn in 2 groups with 4 of them in each group and so that they have different path assigned for each group. In the future I want to add much more pathes so duplicating enemy and set path on the "create" event is not an option for me...
  20. D


    so I wanted to have a delay for my camera view (the cont_view object) and I found this line of code online. however, to implement this into for example my character's rotation aswell, I'd like to know how this works: x += (cont_view0.x-x)/2; I'm bad with maths :/