1. I

    Define Object in Script Only

    Hey all. I'm returning to Game Maker after a number of years. Like the new Game Maker Studio 2 UI. I like to avoid the DnD interface and stick with scripting as much as possible. Unfortunately the manual is very much geared towards DnD. Is there a way to define objects in script only? Thanks
  2. W

    Array Assignment - Multiple Values

    I've looked over the array documentation and it doesn't seem to show support for assigning multiple array values in a single line of code. everything is loops. Does GM:S have the capability for something like the following array assignments? list_items = 0; //defining list_items = { {0,0}...
  3. David Richard

    Legacy GM Keyboard layout key definitions for customized controls

    GM Version: ALL Target Platform: ANY Download: No download required Summary: This is how to put all your keyboard layout keys in one array and retrieve them after for customized user controls in your game. Tutorial: I wanted to give this piece of code for anyone wanting to have something fast...
  4. David Richard

    Depth definitions

    I would like GM's interface to allow us to give the possibility to use depth definitions in the room editors. I over use depths in my games and sometimes get lost in which value is for which depth. Having a drop down list with our customized depth definitions would be great! Usually, once in the...