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  1. WhisperingSpider

    Alpha Hostile Takeover - A Cyberpunk Tactical Deck-Builder (Demo Available)

    Hey everyone! I've been working on a game called Hostile Takeover. It's a rogue-lite game that merges deck-building and tactical turn-based combat in a cyberpunk setting. I just recently released a public demo, and I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has. Demo (Windows Only) - Last updated...
  2. MMM

    Asset - Demo Card deck demo for GMS1 and GMS2

    Card deck demo for GMS1 and GMS2. This card deck contains 16 cards. You can draw a card from this deck as long as there are cards in a deck. After that, the deck is going to reset itself. There are two ways to do this and both ways are explained in this demo...
  3. R

    A couple of Queries about Data Structures (Stacks and Lists)

    Hi Everyone, This is something of a peculiar query, as it is more like me asking for some guidance or advice rather than a specific question persay, so apologies if this is the wrong section. I'm looking at making a deck building game and I'm just starting to explore the possibilities for...
  4. Latahunden

    Android To Arms!! - a solitaire deck building fantasy game (Free)

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.latahunden.toarms 'To Arms!!' is a tiny deckbuilding game with a decent amount of depth, inspired by card games like Dominion, Star Realms and Thunderstone. What makes this different is the strict focus on single player and a design...