1. Pollux568

    Free [French] Grève: En Macronie

    Hi fellow devs, During holidays I made a videogame about recent events in France - for those who are not aware of it, there is an important strike against a new governement law modifying retirement pensions. So I developed a game based on Reigns: Her Majesty principle, named Greve : En...
  2. K

    Design Number of Levels per Mode/Dungeon for Puzzle Games

    Does anyone have a good idea on how many levels a mode/dungeon in a puzzle game should consist of? 50 levels? 100? How may I gauge such a decision in the future?
  3. XirmiX

    Game Mechanics Alarms or more Objects?

    I've been working on a physics-based, 2D top-down tank shooter game for quite some time now. I've implemented various mechanics through my journey and although the game is nowhere near finished, it's pretty fun as a debug currently. Just now, I came accross a possible issue that can determine...