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    SOLVED Help with certain acceleration?

    Hey all whom use this forum! I was wondering if someone can help me tackle a problem? I have my acceleration and deceleration working the way I want it. I have a "sprint" button as well. The problem that I'm having is my speed won't decelerate to the desired number, but instead jump to that...
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    Problem with Deceleration

    I have a player object whose state variable is set to a player_jump state whenever up is pressed (the state script, of course, is executed in a step event) It starts out being a certain vspd (which is constantly being added to the Player's y position), but I want it to start to decelerate (as a...
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    Acceleration and Deceleration Help

    As some of you may know, I am working on a commercial side-scroller game, and although I have plenty programming experience, I have some trouble on some presumably simple things, such as acceleration and deceleration for the player. The problems: The deceleration integer never decreases below...
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    GMS 2 Problems coding momentum

    I'm making a racing game, and this is my first game I'm trying to make without YouTube tutorial help. I had a problem with getting the object to move in the direction it was facing, but after coming here my problem was solved pretty fast. So, I have a new problem. My player object moves...