1. S

    SOLVED "exit" structure exiting too far?

    Hello all, I was testing the exit features, but it seems like the exit feature does not quite work the way I expect it to, see below: if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("E")){ { //this is the beginning of the code block that I expected "exit" to close cs_logAddEntry("exit test has...
  2. ASOBU

    GMS 2.3+ SUCCESS: Run Program Complete But debug would not run. Need your knowledge

    Hi, I have a problem that I already mentioned in this title. I press the debug button, then the window to debug would show as below...
  3. E

    GMS 2.3+ Creating A Crash/Exception Handler?

    Before I get too far into making my game, I want to set up some kind of crash or exception handler; A specific Room the player will be teleported to if the game doesn't know where to send them, or some other game breaking error happens. Like the Chris Houlihan room or Sonic 3D's secret level...
  4. V

    Windows Runner.exe exited with non zero

    Hi! I've been working on a project for a month or so now. I ran into a similar issue once before and thought it might have to do with a ds_list not being released correctly. I converted it to an array and that made the issue go away. Reading my output log I don't see anything other than the...
  5. K

    Am I doing this right?

    So I plugged in my phone Target set to my phone I used display_get_width And I pressed f6 And the program pops up in my phone But the width read when hit the break point is my laptop's value What did I do wrong?
  6. R

    Debugging - hierarchical preview structure of object with ds_list

    Hi, I'm trying to look into the more complex hierarchical structure of the object in debug mode, more precisely the ds_list which contains other instances and their variables. Is it even possible? It would help me a lot.
  7. Dwighty4000

    Windows GMS2 Debugger / debug mode don't work on me???

    When I try to dive into a keyboard_Check, it always skips it and ignores every keystroke in the open game window. So what do I have to do with the debugger, if I press the right arrow key then does this variable work as well? in the game itself works the run with the arrow keys but I can not...
  8. Binsk

    GMS 2 UBG Terminal / Command Console

    Hello there! How would you like a fully functional in-game terminal running in your project in the next 2 minutes? If that sounds good to you then get your hands on it at one of these places: Yoyo Marketplace [$1.99] Upset Baby Games Store [$0.99 crypto only] Itch.IO Store [$1.00] This is the...
  9. FrostyCat

    Asset - Extension GMAssert: Easy assertion checking for GMS 2.x and 1.4

    GMAssert Easy assertion checking for GMS 2.x and 1.4 Overview GMAssert is a library containing useful assertions for debugging and automated unit testing. You can use it to alert you to undesirable runtime conditions, pause the debugger at that point for further inspection, or quickly test code...
  10. axialgentleman

    Using debugger for a fatal error -- do I need to crash and rebuild every time?

    I'm trying to fix a stubborn error in my game. When encountered, it generates a fatal error (it says it's trying to access an instance that doesn't exist, even though the debugger clearly shows an instance with that index). Here's my current workflow: Run in Debugger Wait 25 seconds for the...
  11. G

    Discussion Mobile developers should be able to compile to YYC for testing

    YYC and the VM have different behaviors. This is a problem. YYG's position on this problem has fluctuated. I think originally they acknowledged the different behaviors, then for a period they denied that there was any difference, and now recently they've gone back to acknowledging the...
  12. meseta

    Asset - Extension GMDebug: Browser-based debugging

    I originally just wanted a quick and easy way to see my ds_grid data, which GM's debugger doesn't show clearly. I'm aware that there are some marketplace extensions that allow ds_grid printing, but I wanted to do something different. So I built GMDebug, a browser-based tool for inspecting...
  13. samspade

    GML Debug Messages

    Using show_debug_message() GM Version: All Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: NA Summary An explanation of show_debug_message, how to use it, and some helpful utility scripts. Tutorial What show_debug_message Does Debugging is one of the most important skills in coding, and GM comes...
  14. Raptor_Guy

    GMS 2 Collision Detection Issue

    This seems rather simple, but I can't figure it out. When my player is in the move state, it checks every step whether there's place_meeting(x, y-1, oSolid) && place_meeting(x, y+1, oSolid), in other words, when the player is crushed between the ground and a falling block (oSolid is a parent of...
  15. H

    SOLVED Debugging help

    Howdy! I'm having trouble understanding what's happening with my code. So, I got this error message: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object...
  16. C

    Question - Code [Resolved!] GMS2 : "Cannot find" object that is demonstrably present; strange debugging

    Edit : This issue has been resolved. As per usual, it seems it was human error and not something that required a bug report. However it may have been the most recent update that caused GMS2 to detect the error, where it had existed previously without halting the game? I may be overlooking...
  17. Josef Scroggins

    GMS 2 Solved Easiest Way To Save Debug Messages?

    I'm using GMS2 and I have been using show_debug_message to get statistics. But I want to be able to track debug info without having GMS2 open. What is the easiest way to put my debug info into a text file while the exe is running?
  18. C

    Question - IDE Problem saving projects at the start of debugging

    I'm using Windows 10 and IDE Steam. when I start debugging, the projects should be saved.But sometimes it failed and shows an error window: And the output window prints these: SourceControlAction:SaveModel: The process cannot access the file...
  19. Shadowblitz16

     mark map as ordered?

    can the yoyogames devs add a way to mark ds_maps as ordered? or at least make them show up in the debugger in the order they are set and added? its a real pain to have to search for the key every time I restart my game to debug it. they should be able to be found quickly even if they are not...
  20. I

    How to see which objects uses the most memory in GameMaker Studio Debug mode

    Hello! My question might seems stupid, but I am really experienced with GameMaker Debug Mode. I need to destroy a memory leak, and I heard that in Debug mode, you can see which object in the game uses the most memory. If it is true, how can I see that ? Thank you!