1. chirpy

    Question - IDE Debugger Layout Issue

    On Windows 10: I can set breakpoints in the "source" window [img1: object source] and then close it [img2: empty window], start a new "locals" windows [img3: object locals] to see the local values at the breakpoint, but I found no way to have both "source" and "locals" to show up at the same...
  2. Tsa05

    Windows [Resolved] [Somehow] One install of GMS2 can't debug

    Hi all, after the latest update, GMS2's debugging has broken thoroughly on one computer but not on another. I re-downloaded and re-installed but to no avail. What's happening is this: When I insert any breakpoint, I get an error that says: " at line 1 : malformed return statement" Below, a...
  3. A

    Legacy GM Need help with Debug Mode

    What the heck is it, how do I use it? I cant find anything in the documentation. Seems like it would be really useful
  4. BlueScarf

    GML Having Trouble with Normal Run Compiling

    Some Background Info: Hello, I have been having trouble these last couple of days with a weird issue, and I figured I'd give up and ask for help. I am having a weird issue, my game is a turn based battle game, similar to Pokemon. When using a move, an object will create and write out text...
  5. A

    GMS 2 Debugger Profile Confusion

    I've been attempting to use the debugger's profile tool to determine what's causing lag in my game, but I'm a little confused about the results that I'm seeing. In this image, the total sum of all step % values (including the ones not shown) is well below 50%, and when I switch to Engine...
  6. mater

    Question - IDE Is this a debugger bug?!

    Hi all, i think there is a bug in the GMS2 debugger.. what do you think? do you have the same issue? i will report the bug if it's not somenthing that is happening to me only. i Think the variables in the "Watches" windows are broken. Have a look at the values:
  7. Starfag

    Question - Code Audio keeps playing with debugger paused

    Can anyone, please, help me figure out what can I do to solve this pickle? :3 Here's the deal: I'm making a rhythm game, but I've a huge problem: when I'm in the debugger and pause it, the song keeps playing! Is this a bug? Shouldn't the sound stop with the game? I tried setting this as code...
  8. sman

    Legacy GM Is the debugger drunk?

    I put a breakpoint in my code and pressed F10 several times. I saw very strange things: - it regularly jumps to the first line of the script and comes back to the right line of code (often when inside a loop). - some parts of the code are ignored except if I put a breakpoint on them, - it jumps...
  9. psyke

    Discussion Can't use the debugger...

    Hi, I'm having some problems with the debugger, I simply cannot use it, it's very laggy (my game drops to 2-3 fps), and the CPU usage is like 30%, as you can see in the screenshot below: If I close the debugger window, the FPS goes back to normal (60). Any clues? System Specs: Windows 10 -...
  10. BlueLemming

    Question - IDE Debugger won't connect on GMS 1.4 imported project (error 10061)

    The debugger gets error 10061 and won't connect to I've changed the ports, disabled the firewall and restarted my computer. The debugger connects fine on a new project made in GMS2 but on my imported project from GMS 1.4 it has the error. The console output is this (repeating)...
  11. Tthecreator

    Discussion debugger glitches

    Okay, most of you will have most likely already experienced the "<unknown>" variables glitch. However, today my debugger decided to take all of that a whole step further: Just some weird glitching I wanted to share, nothing more. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
  12. Shadowblitz16

     Can the 2.0 debugger have ordered variables?

    Can the 2.0 debugger have ordered variables? this would basically be a convenience thing where variables are listed in the order they are created in the debugger
  13. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM debugger of gamemaker studio shows nothing!

    Hey, i have the following code in a step event: playery=obj_peg.y*-1; depth = playery; now when i run my game in debug mode, i expect to see live updates of the local variabe "playery", but the locals box of the debugger in GM:S 1.4 is empty and whatever i tried i cant get it work probly...
  14. K

    Debugger lists everything as "<unknown instance>"

    So something I did this afternoon has ruined debugger. I've been working on this project for months, it's looking really good and I'm going to show it at a convention next weekend, but all of a sudden debugger is acting up. Now when I run the project in debug the debugger lists every instance in...
  15. S

    debugging a surface

    How do I actually look at a surface in the debugger? Nothing is showing up in the Surface/texture window. I should point out I have a breakpoint set up between the surface being created and the surface being freed up, so it should still be in memory.
  16. TheNeonGamers

    Legacy GM Debugger won't connect

    Hi Guys / Gals! I'm currently trying to run the game in debug mode but while it worked a few months ago, it's stuck at connecting. I'm using windows 8 and the steam version of game maker. If there's no solution for this, I will just use the standalone version of game maker.
  17. D

    Legacy GM How to keep track of memory using the debugger? (To indentify memory leaks)

    Hello! Is there some way of using the debugger to keep track of memory? I would need some way to catch memory leaks when using data sctructures or the 3D audio engine, changing or restarting rooms, etc. Thanks! Dani
  18. V

    Legacy GM Debug crashes, running not

    Hi, I'm new to gamemaker and I'm creating my first project. When I start my project in debug, it crashes, even before it gets into any code. I see the debug screen popping up, and then the app crashes. Not the studio, but my app. When I run the game normally, I don't have any problem...
  19. Nembo

    Surface/Texture view in debugger

    My project has a memory issue where ever time I quit a level and return to the main menu, something from the room is getting left in memory. My guess was surfaces where the culprit, but looking at the debugger is leaving me confused. Could anybody explain to me the difference between surfaces...
  20. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM Debugger goes to unused script on breakpoint

    does anybody know what would be causing the debugger to goto a blank unused script when it reaches a breakpoint? it doesn't even go through the code it just sits there in the black script until it exits the script its supposed to be in. I have had this problem for about a year now and I'm...