1. H

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Debug Tab not showing up

    Hi, I'm trying to debug my game, however, when i press F6, click the debug button, or go to Build -> Debug, the game compiles and launches but the Debugger tab doesn't show up anywhere. The output screen shows that the debugger apparently connected succesfully, it's just nowhere to be seen on...
  2. E

    Cannot see debugger window (gm1.4, windows)

    I'm trying to run my game with the debugger. The game starts properly and the debugger is shown on the task bar. The problem is that I can't switch to the debugger window at all. I've tried cascading all windows and switching to the debugger from the task manager, but nothing works. It's as if...
  3. Ronchon

    Debugger profile : not showing functions anymore ?

    Hi! I just updated to the latest version. After using the debugger's profile tool, i'm confused to see that it no longer shows a "tree" like in previous versions where you could see in more detail what was going on, having the details of functions used by each object. Right now it seems to only...
  4. F

    Legacy GM Game lags, but not when debugging

    I've been having a problem with serious lag (rooms set at 60 drop down to almost 40). I have been trying to find out what is causing it. Whenever I go to a different room, there is a high chance that it will start lagging, but hat rooms lag and when is inconsistent. As well, when I tried to use...
  5. S

    Windows Waiting for debugger to connect

    When I try to run the debugger the output stops at "...Waiting for debugger to connect..." and the game wont start. The game runs fine outside of debug mode, I'm running the most updated version of game maker 2, and game maker 2 is allowed through the windows firewall. I've let it run for...
  6. Shadowblitz16

     8 Ideas on how to improve the debugger

    Idea: make data structures use hash id instead of integer id. Reason: this makes it so data structures don't get misinterpreted as reals and reals don't get misinterpreted as data structures. Idea: make hash data special for the type of data structure it is. Reason: this makes it so that data...
  7. ParodyKnaveBob

    HTML5 Debugger changed?

    Howdy, all, Am I misremembering, or did the HTML5 debugger once upon a time present an instance's built-in variables and custom variables you give it? That's just one example of my instances not displaying any variables I created myself. (Its Create Event sets 7 new instance variables. It's...
  8. S

    Question - IDE White Screen when running game in debugger. Works fine otherwise.

    I've been trying to use the debugger but every time I start it, all I get is a white screen and a prompt to make an exception for the debugger in my firewall, which I already did tons of times. I even tried removing all code that interacts with the debugger, but that didn't change anything...
  9. JAG

    Question - IDE alternate to debugger graph?

    Hi Im wondering if there is some way I can display my show_debug_message output in a regular sequential console like in other IDEs? I find the graph view useful but it obscures the order of messages in certain conditions. If there's no built-in way to do this, is there some way to write the...
  10. T

    Android GMS 2 Debugger Ever Worked To Anyone On Android?

    dunno, maybe I'm dumb or missing something, but I've been trying to debug my game on the android platform with game maker studio 2 (GMS for 2 days now, and it just won't work. there's a red/yellow blinking circle in the debugger and when I hover on it it says: "connecting to game..."...
  11. T

    Question - IDE Debugger and Temp Variables

    I must be doing something wrong, for when I am in the debugger, I cannot see the values of temp variables -- even in the watch window. I am on a Mac if that makes any difference.
  12. J

    Question - Code Debugger values updating very slowly? Can this be changed?

    Hi all, I just started learning GMS this week after using Construct 2 for a very long time. I love the debugger so far, but I have noticed something that has me confused. If I start watching the player's variables (I'm using GMS's built-in "dungeon" demo and debugger tutorial), specifically, dx...
  13. Tthecreator

    Legacy GM No tree + icons in debugger profiler.

    Hi, as you can read from my signature, my internet is out and I can't download the very latest gm update. I have however encountered a problem in the profiler section of the gm debugger. I'm using gms 1.4.1767. The latest version is 1.4.1772. The changelog doesn't say anything about this problem...
  14. Dmi7ry

    Question - IDE [Suggestion] Debugger types: Script and other assets

    Hi, guys. There the variable "callback" contains id of a script. In this case would be useful see name of the script instead of id. Can you add "Script" type, please? Same for other assets.
  15. R

    Question - IDE Program error... on running in debug mode

    So I've been using the debugger all day, then suddenly I get a program error when running the game in debug mode. Normal running of the game works fine. Note this is not a error in the console, this is a full on popup error window. I've restarted my machine, reinstalled GMS2, and this occurs...
  16. Carbiner

    Windows Debugger Crash

    My game was experiencing massive slow down a short time after it launched, so I decided to run the debugger profile to find out where it was. The debugger crashed shortly after the game started running. The game itself continued to run. In case you can't read the error message...
  17. G

    Windows Debugger and watches--they're broken, right?

    The manual says that you can watch and change variables on the fly using watches. Has anyone managed to do either of these things? When I double-click on a watched variable's value while the game is running, nothing happens; when I double-click when paused, I can enter a new value, but it...
  18. M

    Manually add exception to firewall?

    I'm having problems with the debugger - stuck at "waiting to connect" I've checked the docs but they make no mention of manually adding an exception to the firewall - they just breeze over it assuming you say "yes" if windows offers to add an exception to the windows firewall. I mean, what if...
  19. G

    GML [Feature Request]Memory address of all data structures both in debugger and runtime functions

    Mostly for debugging and native extensions purpose. Buffers has this function , but other data structures doesn't. Also the debugger needs to be able to get the in memory address of a variable and please also add the possibility to alter data in the debugger as it saves a lot of rebuilds and ad...
  20. jb skaggs

    GML Debugging issue for gml code ver 2.0

    When debugging a game, and a bug appears that is incorrectly changing a variable- but you can not find where the error is as none of the code seems to be addressing that change. Is there a way to trace what changed that variable thru the debugger? jb