1. ottomaddox

    SOLVED Latest stable build; YYC compile failures, debugger constantly crashes on breakpoints

    Hi all, I've been having a bunch of unprecedented issues with the latest 2.3.3 build (Windows IDE, Windows target); wondering if others have seen similar stuff crop up. 1. Projects that used to compile fine with YYC are throwing weird linking errors. I've updated VS2019, flushed the project...
  2. flyinian

    GMS 2.3+ What is @@This@@ in the debugger?

    What the title says. Did a google search, nothing found. Just curious. I have @@This@@ listed under "name" in "others" in the debugger.
  3. Elodman

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Debugger suddenly halts

    Ave. Hilfe! Unprecedented it has been in recent few years what the fine Debugger does repeatedly: halts, exits debug mode at the same line. - cache cleaned - paths mostly at default position of halt: In a step event / in a script called When running the program, and reaching the...
  4. Luigi1000

    GMS 2.3+ Issues with debugger suddenly and eradically disconecting.

    Hey everyone, ever since updating to 2.3.2 I have had issues with the debugger suddenly resuming the game despite being paused at a breakpoint all on it's own. It says that the client refused and disconnected in the output but I got no idea why that would be case. (As shown in the code block...
  5. BoB3k

    Windows debug stopped working, getting client disconnected

    Out of nowhere my debugger stopped working. Whenever I run it just freezes, but if you look at the output it is printing over and over: 341 code buffers added (17826) Client(0) Disconnected: Debugger disconnected Client(-1) Connected: Now, I don't need any help checking...
  6. Scienitive

    GMS 2.3+ Step Back in Debugger?

    Is there a way to step backwards in debugger mode to see what cause my bug exactly?
  7. Carbiner

    Question - IDE Debugger Missing Events?

    Hey everyone, So, while trying to figure out why a piece of code wasn't working (my missiles went boom, but they didn't hurt anyone), I put down some breakpoints in order to step through what was going wrong and found that the debugger would stop when the event was triggered, but no code would...
  8. Chreech Okash

    GMS 2.3+ Debugger Shows ram or ram+vram?

    I want to know if the debugger shows ram or ram+vram usage? Through my tests i came to know that each 2048x2048 texture page takes about 16mb vram. But in debugger it's like 32mb which is double of vram usage. Another question is if we use gm compressed vs external texture pages let's say-...
  9. Xenomacabre

    Mac OSX Debug Runner crashes at errors (Mac)

    Hey makers. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. When I try to debug a project in GMS2.3 on Mac (catalina), and it finds an error, it just freezes with a pinwheel and doesn't take me to where the error is. Not sure if it's a bug, or maybe weird mac/permissions issue or something? So...
  10. M

    Strange Error with Debugger

    Hi Guys I suddendly have a strange behaviour of my debugger. If i run the game with F5, everything is fine. If i run it with F6, the following Error appears. I dont know, but the debugger worked well so far... but suddendly this.... its strange. I have instances of obj_player of which i set...
  11. Yizzard

    Windows Collision Events not showing up in Debugger

    I've had this problem for a very long time now and have not been able to find anything about it anywhere. Whenever I have a break point in a collision event for an object (example: my collectible object has a collision event that when it collides with a player it is gotten by them) it doesn't...
  12. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 debugging - how to find a instance

    How can I find this "global.sprache" in the watches window? because I cannot find them under "instances" and I have to have an overview of their changing value during the debugging process! But where is the "global.sprache" in the watches window and by the way! How can I enter by myself a own...
  13. Cupid Stunt

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Variables tab missing from debug

    Must have forgotten to tighten the nut on the other side of my keyboard because I closed the variables tab in my debugger without thinking. Now I cannot get it back. I did layout>reset layout but that did not fix it. Any ideas?
  14. Z

    Debugger: call count and Ms in profiling

    Hi everyone. Today i've been trying to tackle an issue I have with my project: lag. At first I thought it was my surfaces, which in some way: yes, absolutely. For some reason when I minimize the game, a lag spike appears, and endures after i maximize. I'm still trying to resolve that. However...
  15. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Game runs fine, but not when using the Debugger [SOLVED]

    Hey guys. I'm baffled by this problem: When I run my game, a json file for language (menu items, etc.) is opened and read into a ds_map in the Create event of my persistent objGameController object. It all works fine. The game is finished and already available on Steam... but... ... when I...
  16. K

    id reference is invalid

    id_master is 100035. Why did this happened? id_master != noone is not good enough? if destroyed //boolean value { instance_destroy(); } else { if id_master != noone { x = id_master.x; //line 19 y = id_master.y; image_alpha = id_master.image_alpha...
  17. Dwighty4000

    Windows GMS2 Debugger / debug mode don't work on me???

    When I try to dive into a keyboard_Check, it always skips it and ignores every keystroke in the open game window. So what do I have to do with the debugger, if I press the right arrow key then does this variable work as well? in the game itself works the run with the arrow keys but I can not...
  18. 3

    ds_list still gets value pointed to after deleting[SOLVED]

    When I execute this code: dsListOld = ds_list_create(); ds_list_add(dsListOld,"old"); ds_list_destroy(dsListOld); dsListNew = ds_list_create(); ds_list_add(dsListNew,"new"); and look in the debugger then the debugger shows me that there is a dsListOld which contains the value "new" and there...
  19. J

    Question - IDE Debugger closes second window

    I have a dual monitor setup, so I try getting the most out of it by having my IDE split into two windows -- my primary workspace window where I edit code and rooms, and a secondary window with my resource list, layer and tile properties, room properties, etc. But for some odd reason, when I...
  20. axialgentleman

    Using debugger for a fatal error -- do I need to crash and rebuild every time?

    I'm trying to fix a stubborn error in my game. When encountered, it generates a fatal error (it says it's trying to access an instance that doesn't exist, even though the debugger clearly shows an instance with that index). Here's my current workflow: Run in Debugger Wait 25 seconds for the...