1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Debugging

    Is there a way to artificially slow down my game significantly so I can see what's happening? I'm not familiar with the profiling tools (in any language) I never quite got the hang of it. I guess I could use a timer but wanted to know if there was a better way of doing this.
  2. X

    GMS 2.3+ Watch doesn't work?

    I was trying to track the global lives variable with a watch while debugging and added a new watch with the name of lives When i hit the breakpoint after decreasing lives nothing happens in the watch to see the state of the value Is this broken or does it work some other way?
  3. Luis Otavio Afonso

    Asset - Scripts Codeshark

    With Codeshark you can execute functions using small codes, using a command line interface, which also works on touchscreen devices. It can be used for infinite lives, changing levels, adding items, invincibility and everything else you need. And once the tests are finished, just disable...
  4. b-wb

    Question - IDE When opening in debug mode, my game sends me into the 2nd room, when opening normally, it sends me to the 1st room

    Hey all This is a really weird one! I'm new to using the debugger in GMS2 so perhaps this is something that others understand and can explain to me. My game starts in an initialization room where it loads everything. As you can see here, the room order shows the tutorial room second. But...
  5. N

    Is there a way to time code? My A* is too slow.

    Hi guys, so I've implemented A* for my hex grid, but it's too slow, as in, it's causing noticeable lag. Note that each run of it isn't terribly slow, but I have to run it across ds_lists that can get up to a hundred entries long (using it as a pathfinding check). If this were python, I'd throw...
  6. M

    Help in identifying memory leak?

    Firstly, I also posted on Legacy Tech Support, not sure where this one belonged...! Hey guys, possibly dealing with my first memory leak ever here. C: drive space lost permanently everytime I launch my game. In Debug mode right at game start, the Graph starts going way up and hits the roof soon...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Help in identifying memory leak?

    Hey guys, possibly dealing with my first memory leak ever here. C: drive space lost permanently everytime I launch my game. In Debug mode right at game start, the Graph starts going way up and hits the roof soon after the game has started. At the start of the game, I only have the randomize()...
  8. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 debugging - how to find a instance

    How can I find this "global.sprache" in the watches window? because I cannot find them under "instances" and I have to have an overview of their changing value during the debugging process! But where is the "global.sprache" in the watches window and by the way! How can I enter by myself a own...
  9. Cupid Stunt

    GML Trouble with fps_real

    I'm having issues using fps_real. If I use it to keep time I get a divide by zero error. If I try to print it to the debug console every second I get a non_init error as shown below. I am running the game from the IDE. I would like to use fps_real to keep time in my games in case...
  10. Daniel Mallett


    Is it possible to not only watch a variable for changes but when it does change, show you the line of code that caused it to change? This would be invaluable knowledge if it's possible. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dwighty4000

    Windows GMS2 Debugger / debug mode don't work on me???

    When I try to dive into a keyboard_Check, it always skips it and ignores every keystroke in the open game window. So what do I have to do with the debugger, if I press the right arrow key then does this variable work as well? in the game itself works the run with the arrow keys but I can not...
  12. 2

    Asset - Scripts Asset Sale: Quick Debug, Show Variable Set Pages

    Have you ever had trouble visualizing what your variables are doing? Do you wish you could have watched the values of them to catch an error that you searched a long time for? Then this asset is for you, and it's deeply discounted for the time being. It allows you to watch variables over time...
  13. FrostyCat

    Asset - Extension GMAssert: Easy assertion checking for GMS 2.x and 1.4

    GMAssert Easy assertion checking for GMS 2.x and 1.4 Overview GMAssert is a library containing useful assertions for debugging and automated unit testing. You can use it to alert you to undesirable runtime conditions, pause the debugger at that point for further inspection, or quickly test code...
  14. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 Get the script name within the script?

    I see there's script_get_name(scr), but that requires the input of the script index. Is there anyway to get the name of the script the code is in without knowing the index? For example, objects have the "self" and "id" keywords to reference themselves. I'm looking for a programmatic way to...
  15. S


    How do I use the debug function?
  16. samspade

    GML Debug Messages

    Using show_debug_message() GM Version: All Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: NA Summary An explanation of show_debug_message, how to use it, and some helpful utility scripts. Tutorial What show_debug_message Does Debugging is one of the most important skills in coding, and GM comes...
  17. T

    Debugging FPS on a potatoe

    I have a couple questions about debugging values. The computer I use is an old potatoe with onboard graphics. I don't think it's even capable of refreshing my monitor 60 times a second. But say I want my game to still run at 60 fps if possible, so I set game speed to 60 in the parameters, but...
  18. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 Debugging: How do you find the code error again if you closed that window?

    Heyas, Just wondering how to see the code error again after you've ok'd that window in debug mode? I can't seem to ever find it again. Cheers!
  19. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 How to find where/when a variable changes?

    Hi all, I've got an object that seems to change it's layer to -1 at some point and I can't find out where this happens. I've tried searching all uses of the word "layer" in my code to see what each line does, and nothing seems to indicate where the change is happening. I've even added a debug...
  20. Pfap

    list does not exist

    I am creating a list in a script and filling it with data, which I later access from an object. I don't get the error when accessing from the script, but later in the object it crashes. Compile output: Here is the script which has the debug messages shown on the first 2 lines in the quote...