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    Windows Can't create debris of space rocks tutorial

    (I usually just read in english, sorry for miswriting) I tried to destroy bullet after trying to create debris, erase the debris image_alpha -= 0.01 and destroy part, resize to 5x5... and still not creating debris (yes, I saved everytime).
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    Android Debris, an Arcade shooter

    Hey guys and gals, We have officially released Debris today on the occasion of Indian Independence and we are extremely happy to share it with you! Video: Images: Store Description: The original game remastered to mark its presence more beautifully while keeping the fun in the...
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    iOS Scrap the game, by Bart Massee HI All, Space debris shooter, and defense game, with particles flying around. The rocks and spaceship are modeled and rendered in 3d, and exported as png to sprites. Store Description Protect the space station...
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    Android [Beta] Debris

    Hey Everyone, p055ible is working on an intuitive game which both is fun and also creates awareness of current state of our orbits which are crowded with debris. I invite you all to try it out on Google Play beta. Beta link: