1. C

    Compensating for deactivated time

    I have a simple measure for ensuring that the game doesn't lag. I just deactivate the objects I can't see. My plan was to simulate the actions done by the object as they are activated. Say something is rotating 1 degree a second, and It deactivates for 10 seconds. When reactivated, I want it to...
  2. codemouse

    GMS 2 How to detect active/deactivated instances?

    I know we have instance_activate_object() and instance_deactivate_object() and so on, but is there a way to detect which objects are deactivated (or vice-versa)? Like a variable (.active) or a function (is_active())? I want to use instance_activate_region() but since it doesn't return a list...
  3. Ayziak

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Deactivating instances when hidden...

    So in my game, I have an object as part of my lighting engine that is rather CPU intensive. Whenever I have more than 3 in active at any point, my game drops from about 500fps to 40 (my game runs at 60). I've already made it so that when instances of this object are outside of the view, they are...
  4. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Instance_deactivate/activate and timelines

    how does instance deactivate affect a timeline that is dynamically created with timeline_add? yestarday as i was testing i wuld set a timeline to destroy the a instance i dont want, also as theplayer moves he activates/deactivates an area around him but one instance didnt get destroyed for some...
  5. 2

    Object Spawning/Despawning System Based on View Region

    How would you do an object spawning system? It needs to get rid of objects in the room not onscreen, keep original xy position, and the object index to recreate them when inside the view region. I need a more efficient system than instance deactivate, so I can put many more instances in the room...
  6. Ggbah

    instance_nearest work on deactived objects?

    Simple question couldn't find it in search or help.
  7. D

    Instance Activation/Deactivation in the same step

    Hello, there. I'm having a problem with instance deactivation and reactivation in my game. I have lots of objects, but half of them are only useful in certain code-blocks, being otherwise invisible. The controller object in question is a machine state of sorts, so it only uses that code in one...
  8. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Which is faster? (Re)create/destroy or Create/(re)deactivate

    Hi all, Regardless of various forseeable consequences, which is faster/most optimal? Create -> Destroy -> Recreate or Create -> Deactivate -> Reactivate
  9. L

    Deactivating tiles outside of the view?

    Hello, I'm looking into add more details to my level using the tile system, but I'm worried that it could lead to some performance issues if I use too much of it. I already use the function deactivate instance for some objects outside of the view and I was thinking, Is there something like that...