1. M

    Question - D&D Scripts keep disappearing

    Hello everyone, Huge newbie here, literally just started today so please, talk to me like I'm stupid so I understand :D I've been following Slyddar's tutorials on Youtube to make a game on GameMaker and, at some point, it is recommended to cut/paste your lines of code you've written in your...
  2. T

    How to get 8-directional movement using D&D

    Hello, My sprite moves up, down, left, and right correctly. How can I get him to move diagonally? Like up and left, up and right, for example. I've seen a lot of answers for coding, but this is a fairly simple game and I'd like to stick with drag and dropping. Thanks in advance!
  3. phillipPbor

    one question

    is it possible to have create movement? or is it possible to make it? you know... like bullets when triggered.
  4. S

    Issue with sprite and movement (D&D)

    Hello, I am new here and I started a project with Game Maker Drag & Drop. But I have had a problem after the first Object's code. ^^ I have give the possibility to move to the right when we press vk_right. In some tutorials the sprite move well, in my case the sprite move but he is re-created...
  5. K

    Drag And Drop Sprite drawing problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and in GMS2 I'm trying to follow along a tutorial, but ran into a problem. My sprite reacts to events up down left and right. That works! But it gets drawn every step of the movement. I drew the sprite myself, assinged it to an object. Theres nothing but four events...
  6. N

    Drag And Drop [GMS2] How do you make flying enemies in a physics enabled room?

    My game is a very basic 2d 2 player fighting game, where if a player's health is dropped bellow 40 flying enemies spawn and attack the player. With the object not physics enabled, i got it to spawn and rotate, except a lot spawned on top of each other and it never actually moved towards the...
  7. G
  8. U

    Help with conditions

    I have a problem with the next: i have six objects in screen 3 normal shapes and 3 shadow shape of the first 3, each with its pair. when 1 normal shape collide with the shadow shape, the shadow shape disappears and appears another one of the normal shape, when the 3 normal shapes collide with...
  9. M

    Question - D&D I am entirely new to gamemaker, how do i do collisions correctly?

    I have been working for hours and hours trying to make a simple platformer base, but nothing has been working! Whether it be that I slowly fall through the floor, or something else it never seems to work right. I make gravity by set a relative speed of 1 on the vertical axis on the step event...
  10. N

    Question - D&D Can not download from Marketplace

    Hello again guys, I was now trying to download the "My First Game - D&D" from the Marketplace. When clicking on "agree EULA" nothing happens and the download won't start. How may I solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
  11. 2

     Suggestion: Choose Between gml or D&D Project on Import from Studio 1x

    When we import a game from Studio 1.x it converts it to gml. If the game used some d&d it should give us the choice between importing it as d&d, or gml.
  12. B

     Some Initial Recommendations

    Hello all, first time posting on the forum, just installed GMS2 and really liking it so far. Although I do have a few recommendations (two, really really minor ones, not trying to complain here! I am loving the product) Firstly: was using it to teach a friend using the D&D features. Noticed...
  13. 2

    Discussion Suggestion: Show D&D Action Icons in Left of Info Node

    For the D&D projects it would be much better if the information like node showed the icons of the D&D actions instead of just a color square to the left of the info. This helps people remember which icons are associated with which actions. It also allows quicker, glance at, evaluation of the...
  14. C

    Next room d&d won't work

    Please help. I am making a game that when you collide with the exit object it will take you to the next room. But after I changed the controls to the player it won't work. I did a simple drag and drop. I don't know why it won't work. And I don't know code so if there is a solution with d&d...