1. E

    HELP!!! RTS Quadtree nearest opponent

    Hi! I need help implementing quadtree to my rts game, but the "insertion" part of Quadtree doesn't make sense to me, gml is the only programming language i use. so here's my insertion code: if instance_exists(oQuadPointTest) { var _check; _check =...
  2. W

    GML Large Inventory Design

    Good Morning, So I've currently got a functioning inventory, that will be able to read from a large database of hundreds of items. However, each item could impact a number of player stats, and I'm curious if the inventory method I'm usually seeing online using data structures and enumerators is...
  3. Simon Gust

    GML Data structure comparison

    I want to test the speeds of data structures in certain jobs. Some are better at certain things so I'm trying to find the fastest. I am building a caching system, where I have to store data to be used later due to: - seperating writing data saves time on some calculations: I have an array...
  4. P

    Legacy GM Skill trees and datastructures/arrays

    I'm creating a skill tree, and if I could I would create a class for a skill, have some properties on that class and have a grid of those objects. But since GML doesn't do classes I've done it like this so far: enum SkillProp{ NAME, POINTS } global.skilltree = ds_grid_create(3, 6); //...
  5. zbox

    Asset - Extension DataStructure Scripts

    Price: Free Category: Scripts Modules: All This is a collection of small but useful scripts orientated toward more experienced GM users. Data structures are an extremely useful and powerful tool in Gamemaker. This is a collection of scripts to make life with them a little easier. Accessor...