1. Lord KJWilliams

    Development Does Runescape by Jagex, use a database to manage their Grand Exchange for their game?

    I used to play a game called Runescape by Jagex, and they have a really elaborate list of items ( that I call goods ) that players can trade ( or not ) on their market system called the grand exchange. Its like a stock market of goods that you can buy and sell. Well I wanted to know, if they are...
  2. P

    Loading external CSV and images

    Hiya! I'm trying to load a list of enemies from a webserver (around 100 at a time). I need to be able to do two things: 1. Load in names and 1-3 stats. 2. Load in images and add them to already existing sprites. I've tried: - Database connection with scripts and php/MySQL stuff from tutorials...
  3. T

    Database online

    Are there any online database that GMS can connect to i and easy ;-) way the only thing that i can find is a 149$ addon in the maketplace a bit expensive just for fun.
  4. royer14

    Legacy GM how to send and receive sql data

    Hi, I have had this doubt for a long time and my goal is only to store, for example, game scores in a sql or mysql database. I have the following commands in sql. 1) mysql.connector.connect(host="", database="yvrcdG", user="yvdG",password="hdE7W",port=3306) 2) "UPDATE...
  5. A

    Can you host game maker game on a server?

    I want to make a bigger online game, where I host login details and character details on a server. I would just like to know where to start or the best way to start learning. So if I log in as username password it'll connect me to a unique file in some sort of cloud based system. I am a...
  6. N

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Programmer(Taken)

    Hi! I need a programmer to make a payment sdk from scratch that does the following 1. Collects payment from a user to pay the game 2. Pays the user when the user has won a certain amount in the game 3. User can access his account across all platforms. 4. Sdk is for Gamemaker studio 1.4 Pay is...
  7. L

    Android How to save the INI database in Google Cloud Saving

    My game has a database stored in the INI file, I would like to save this file in the Google Cloud. I thought it would be something simple to do, but I'm already 2 days away with this headache. Eu quero salvar o banco de dados INI, para ser recuperado ao reinstalar o jogo novamente. =(
  8. R

    Legacy GM A couple of queries about online/database communication

    Hi Everyone! Apologies if this isn't exactly the correct place to ask this question, I was tossing up between posting it here and the 'Game Design, Development, and Publishing' board, but I figured it's slightly more tech-based so I'd stick it here. Anyway! I'm currently considering an idea...
  9. I

    GML Database Options?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a way to store my game data, and I do not want to build out a whole data system just to do that, I'd rather use something similar to like SQL or a data structure that exist that I can easily query into. I found these 2 on the marketplace are these the best options or...
  10. Radr

    Handling lots of base item data?

    Hello all. I’m looking for a little guidance on handling an item database in my game.
  11. T

    Windows GMS 2 - Access Database Connection and request

    Hi, how I can connect a "Access Database" to my game project? I would try something like: GML Code in obj_enemy -> Create getSQL = http_get("Database/game_db.accdb"); // I guess the path is from the project-file place to the database place enemyHP = getSQL.Enemy_Basestats.enemy_hp[1]; // [ 1...
  12. Desix

    Job Offer - General Online Database

    I'm curious if there's someone out there capable of helping me out with an online database & using it. Something where you can upload a string to the database (along with other data, like a name with it etc). And also, from within the game, be able to scroll through a list of these and pick...
  13. Ggbah

    DS Grids or File Processing for in game databases

    I've been thinking about this for some time now, and I would like your inputs and perspectives. I was thinking, at the start of the game.. creating a DS grid which acts as a spreadsheet for items in game containing the pertinent and full list of all items per category. Individual instances of...
  14. A

    GML Multiplayer Game with database

    Hello. I was wondering how can i do a multiplayer game with GameMaker, if i can't connect an sql database. I did already programmed in GML, but my principal languages are PHP,JAVA,C,MySQL,Pascal,JS... i can't imagine a game without database, how it is possible to make the querys to search if...
  15. S

    Not receiving reply from XAMPP

    I have set up a server using XAMPP with a database already created. Using GameMaker Studio 2, I send a http_post_string request to a PHP script, however, the Asynchronous HTTP event is not called. I am at a loss as to why there is no callback. My PHP script works when I run it from my browser...
  16. T

    GMS 2 Best ways to keep item data and monters data?

    Hi.. I'm works now on Game Maker2. (Sorry I'm weak to english) I'm need find ways to keep data such as Item Data(ID, NAME, VALUE,COST), Monster Data(ID,NAME,TYPE,DAMAGE) look like database. I need to hide all data from player, If i save encode JSON or another format and include file player can...
  17. Posho

    GML Reading CSV Files

    Hello. I am working on a project that needs to handle lots of database data. I manage all this data on Google Sheets and then export it as a .csv file which then the game would load and save as either an array or ds_grid. My problem here is that I haven't found a single method that actually...
  18. K

    Asset - Extension Embedded SQLite DataBase (cross-platform)

    I have created an extension that allows a GMS project to embed an SQLite DataBase where one can save/retrieve data using SQL commands! You can port your SQLite database file with the distribution of your game. The extension provides all of the most common functionality of an SQLite DataBase...
  19. T

    GML Saving/Retrieving Data Online

    I would like to make an online game, where I store and retrieve player's data online so that if a player buys something in-game another player can see that straight away (or almost straight away). Also make it possible for people to trade items and cash etc... between each other... I'd like to...
  20. E

    Saving user email and creating a leaderboard on a landing page.

    I've got my game ready. But I need to get the user email and send that info together with the score to a landing page data base. Can you point me in the direction of some good files about it or tutorials? If you have a way to do that or an extension that does that already even better.