1. WanSou

    GML Node.JS Server Receiving "Random" Data Inside Of A Buffer

    Hello, I am trying to make a server in Node.JS. But whenever I sent a buffer from the game maker client the Node.JS server is receiving "Random" data and the real data and I don't really know : -if its the issue with Node.JS or Game Maker -what is this additional data that the server is...
  2. Smenkare

    (SOLVED) Changing values in all positions in ds_list

    for(i=-1; i < exampleListSize; i++) {ds_list_replace(exampleList, i, 0)} Will it work? And is there faster way? I have like 500 positions in ds_list and i want to be able to change them all to 0.
  3. Smenkare

    GMS 2 (solved)Big data structure, easy to handle

    I need data structure with about 700 objects, every object needs to store 6 properties. I need to be able to change, get these values, and look for values through this whole data structure. What is the best way to make it? Ds_list, grid or simple array? If someone has time, please show me some...
  4. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Include .ini file within project - advice please

    Hi. I'm making a puzzle game, and the puzzle layout is randomly generated. I've made a bot script that runs through every puzzle, and if it solves it, the random seed gets saved to a .ini file. This list of seeds will eventually number over 1,000, and the game picks one item from it -...
  5. P

    Assigning data from one object's variable onto another using "with"

    Hi guys, I'm making a space trading and top down simulation game similar along the lines of the Patrician series and somewhere along the code I've run into an issue I'm quite unable to solve by myself. Most of code structure is established by now and all it's left is to assign resource transfer...
  6. Kabcorp

    Question - IDE YYC generate '' too

    Hello, I have a question: I use ZIP build of my GM:S 2 projects for sharing. I realized if I compile with YYC or using VM built, in the ZIP file, I have in both cases the famous '' file in. This '' file is not the same when I use YYC and VM. The EXE file need the '' to...
  7. R

    GMS 2 data and chunking a world

    I have been working on a project that will eventually have a fairly large open world, where I will need to chunk it in order to manage the memory in a reasonable way. I started out with a bunch of ds_grids inside of a root ds_grid to store the data. but, ran into the main issue of basically...
  8. etbunce

    Best Way to Store Constant Configuration

    Hey y'all, I've thought of my own solutions to this problem, but I'd like to throw this out there to see if there are better ideas than mine, since none of mine seem to be super ideal. In my game, the player is able to build different buildings and use certain abilities. Every building/ability...
  9. Smenkare

    How to contain all the data

    My every weapon, every piece of armor has different stats and sprite animations. I dont know how it works in gm and what its the most efficent and easiest way. My sword for example has 4 different variables. sword.animation sword.damage sword.equipped sword.clicked And i have these weapons like...
  10. K

    GMS 2 Saving rooms with JSON

    I'm using JSON to save and load objects and their position, sprite, and any other variables included with them but I cant seem to save and load the room that the save was initiated from and load to that room in-game. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  11. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Adding to an existing JSON file?

    I'm attempting to create a save system using JSON and nested data structures. Is there a way to add new data to an existing JSON file without overwriting the existing data? Couldn't find anything with regards to what I'm looking for. For the record I'm not modifying any existing data in the...
  12. DonMaklesso

    Networking problems (data)

    Hi guys, I've started multiplayer in my game but I've also come across several problems. Specifically I have a problem with sending and receiving data (client can connect to the server if anything). I don't know however where my problem lies. Here's my chunk of code for object SERVER in Async -...
  13. I

    GML Database Options?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a way to store my game data, and I do not want to build out a whole data system just to do that, I'd rather use something similar to like SQL or a data structure that exist that I can easily query into. I found these 2 on the marketplace are these the best options or...
  14. B

    GML Loading images as data and creating sprite from said data?

    Hi guys, currently reworking my old modding system and was curious whether it was possible to load an image externally and store it as raw data rather than creating a sprite but then being able to take that data and recreate the image as a sprite through code? Gone through the manual and didn't...
  15. zendraw

    GML Storing multiple values into one (great for RPG`s)

    So recently i wanted to know how long a number can game maker have and people gave me various answers @Bingdom @TsukaYuriko -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+38 or -1.7E+308 to +1.7E+308, depending on whether a 32-bit or 64-bit...
  16. A

    GMS 2 Tiledata handling

    Hello, I've been trying to create my own 'map editor' in order to speed up game development process as much as possible. The problem I've encountered is handling data because of the actual data size. For example if I were to have a 2.000x2.000 world, I'd have a total of 4.000.000 grid cells...
  17. E

    GML [SOLVED] Find minimum value with add? To get the nearest from others.

    I have 10 points each at random position. Then I want to find which point is the nearest from others? Well what I did, I pick the first, then get the point_distance from others to that first, then I sum it up. point_distance(2 to 1)+(3 to 1)+(4 to 1)+(5 to 1)+..and so on. Next pick the second...
  18. A

    Legacy GM Problem saving time based score

    Hello everyone, I am trying to save a time score like this "0:00:00". I already used ini files and functions ini_write_string and ini_read_string (you can enter and save your name the first time you play and it works fine. Now i'm using the same code but doesn´t work. 1st object: SCORE_LOAD...
  19. G

    HTML5 Consumable items in HTML5 and how to prevent cheating?

    I was trying to figure out how to secure items amounts in HTML5, such as "gold" amount, and "money" amount. Since the player can change the codes whether using a cheat engine or directly changing it using the inspect element; assuming we use ini. So here is what I'd thought, I am gonna make the...
  20. A

    GML How to send large amounts of data over network at start of connection?

    I'm developing a multiplayer game in which the map changes frequently during the course of the match. To be more specific, I have a ds_list server-side that contains all the values of map objects that need to be destroyed. Everything so far is working, as the objects can be transferred to...