1. FoxyOfJungle

    GML [Solved] ds_maps: How to save/load the room with instances?

    I am making a customizable game where the player will have to build a mall. How do I save all instances of 2 different objects and also save global variables such as score and others (All in the same ds_map)? I need everything to be saved in a ds_map and then use ds_map_write () Save/Load Code...
  2. BMatjasic

    Legacy GM JSON decoding goes wrong when receiving a string

    Hello guys, I've been trying to receive a JSON string from a php file output, but I am unable to decode it (string is fully received trough). So I've followed Game Makers manual and did exactly as I should but when I try to check the size of the ds_list it says undefined so I think I might be...
  3. CedSharp

    [ SOLVED ] Data Structures

    I have a complex structure for storing information. Very briefly, it looks as follow: /* _collection( ... ) will generate a queue with each argument as a value. _message( text ) will generate a 2x1 grid, first position containing an enum value, second a string. _dialog( name...