1. M

    Difficulties creating a ghost dash

    Basically I am trying to replicate a ghost dash from another tutorial. The difference is that in the other tutorial he was actually teleporting the object to mouse_x and mouse_y and therefore it's easy to call for the x and y positions of the mouse when creating the path for the dash. In my case...
  2. L

    Team Request Puzzle game looking for artist and music

    Hi everyone! I am making a game for Devtober and I was wondering if anyone wants to help make the game? I am looking for artists of the audio and sprite persuasion. I am not sure what the theme of the game should be and I am willing to let the artists go wild as long as they keep the to 32 by...
  3. Luotigames

    Dashing Game tutorial

    GM Version: Studio 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Desktop Download: (see video) Links: Youtube Summary: How to make a cool and simple dashing game. Part1: You can also suggest what you would like to learn in the next part.
  4. S

    GMS 2 [Solved] Double Tapping Movement Keys For Dash

    I've already created dashing, I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to detect if right arrow or left arrow as been pressed twice in a short amount of time. Thanks
  5. B

    GML Trouble with making character dash/run

    Hey there, been having a bit a trouble with making my character do a "dash" movement in my game. It sort of works but it has one problem. Right now when I move my character left or right, I can make him dash in the direction he is walking when I press the left shoulder button on my gamepad. And...
  6. D

    Tapping a button repeatedly to dash rather than one press

    I can set up a character and give him the ability to move faster if I press a certain key. Is there a way to set it up to where I can press that button repeatedly to slowly reach max speed rather than instantly with one single press?
  7. Curial Lloses

    Asset - Project Dash Gameplay Templates

    Hello there, I just published a new gameplay asset for those who want to explore the power of dashes in an easy way. My goal is to keep publishing small gameplay assets for platformer, 2D action, or runner games to marketplace so if you want to see any specific gameplay, please tell me here and...
  8. TonyStr

    GML Dashing trough stuff is annoying

    Hey, i've got a very simple dash state that works just like my move state, but with a higher speed. The problem with a higher speed is that it teleports trough solid objects. I can use "if(!collision_line(bla,bla,bla)) {x+whatever, y+whatever}" to not teleport over objects, but i don't want to...
  9. X

    [SOLVED]not sure how to fix my dash

    my dash button works but i wont dash while the character is moving left or right but it does dash while in the air or standing still. Here is the code for my dash //code if((key_dash) and sprite_index = spr_player_left) { hspd=spd*-4; }
  10. T

    Legacy GM Alternative Mouse Controls

    I'm working on a project that, rather than using the keyboard to move and the mouse to be a boss, it's flipped. Movement The player character needs to move towards the mouse at a certain speed depending on the distance of the mouse from the player, with a dead zone near the player, a sneak...
  11. M

    Legacy GM How To Double Tap For Dashing?

    Greetings, Game Makers! I planned on adding a Dashing mechanic to my player, but have no idea how to do it. I've already put a Dashing, dashspeed, and doubletap variable in my Create event. Now, I want the player to use the dashspeed instead of movespeed when I press either the left or right...