1. BlackberryKin

    2D Platformer Help - Dash State Collisions

    Hi, So I have been developing a 2D Platformer in GMS2 and I wanted to add a dash state similar to how the Knight dashes in Hollow Knight. I got a basic set-up going with different player states, but I will only be providing the dash state code. Mind you, I'm a beginner in GMS2 and game design...
  2. C

    Switch App Video Support

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can playback HLS and / or DASH content on the SWITCH? TU
  3. Edwin

    GML Help with dash to corner problem!

    Hello, I have a problem. Well, my game is basic platformer (just for now) with dash system and when player dashes and then collides with corner, he stucks and makes something I can't explain when you press jump button. CODE: This code looks like it's very hard to understand, but if you...
  4. Luotigames

    Dashing Game tutorial

    GM Version: Studio 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Desktop Download: (see video) Links: Youtube Summary: How to make a cool and simple dashing game. Part1: You can also suggest what you would like to learn in the next part.
  5. Jmarlin3

    How to do dash ability

    I need help creating a dash mechanic for a dash ability. Similar to the game cleste: I'm not entirely sure where to start, but here's my player's create event that was based around a wall jumping mechanic: hsp = 0; vsp = 0; hsp_frac = 0; vsp_frac = 0; hsp_acc = 3; hsp_fric_ground = 0.2...
  6. A. DeVivo

    Dash Attack Help

    Hiya! I'm trying to get my character to do a headbutt attack where it moves for a set amount of pixels before running normally again/standing idle. The animation works fine, but how do I get the character to move forward in whatever direction it is facing when the button is pressed for a set...
  7. K

    How do I set a cooldown for a dash mechanic?

    Hi, I am going through the DnD tutorials for GMS2 and in the movement tutorials it does not cover sprinting/dashing. I wanted to incorporate this mechanic into the game but I am getting stuck in doing so. Is there a way to code/DnD a dash for the player character? Thanks, Kyak
  8. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM huge FPS drop whenever I do 'dash' in a huge room.

    Hi! In my game, I have always 30 FPS (equal to room speed). But whenever I use 'dash' in a big room, there is a huge lag spike. The FPS drops to 14-19 while the dash is active. The dash does the usual run speed x15 for 20 steps + plays a wind sound and then resets back to usual run speed. I...
  9. E

    Temporary dash not working

    I'm new to GameMaker and I'm trying to create a temporary dash where player1 quickly moves in a direction. Here is the code I have so far and I'm only trying to figure out tapping right. If I can figure this out, then I'll implement for other directions. I've read other postings, but still can't...
  10. B

    GML Trouble with making character dash/run

    Hey there, been having a bit a trouble with making my character do a "dash" movement in my game. It sort of works but it has one problem. Right now when I move my character left or right, I can make him dash in the direction he is walking when I press the left shoulder button on my gamepad. And...
  11. Curial Lloses

    Asset - Project Dash Gameplay Templates

    Hello there, I just published a new gameplay asset for those who want to explore the power of dashes in an easy way. My goal is to keep publishing small gameplay assets for platformer, 2D action, or runner games to marketplace so if you want to see any specific gameplay, please tell me here and...
  12. G

    2 questions to you guys.

    Hi there. I got two questions, "how to do it type questions" xD i just cant figure out it. First is: That i need for a combat system. I got targeted enemy(like in dark souls) and what i need to do is to do kinda animate player to make a hit. But i not mean sprite animation. I need to slowly move...
  13. L

    Legacy GM I can't not make a dash !

    Hello everyone ! (im french dont judge) Im beginner on GMS, and i try to make a (invincibility) dodge. I have been searching for 2 hours, but nothing. I have 2 sprites of 22 frames (Dodge right/left) very similar to Enter the Gungeon's dodge. So I would like a dodge, with invincibillity if...
  14. W

    Legacy GM Dashing towards the mouse

    Hello! I've been searching quite a bit for a situation like this but I still can't seem to figure this out. What I've trying to accomplish is a short range dash towards the mouse in a 2D platformer. I've been able to pull off a short blink with a maximum range of 300 towards the mouse which was...
  15. TonyStr

    GML Dashing trough stuff is annoying

    Hey, i've got a very simple dash state that works just like my move state, but with a higher speed. The problem with a higher speed is that it teleports trough solid objects. I can use "if(!collision_line(bla,bla,bla)) {x+whatever, y+whatever}" to not teleport over objects, but i don't want to...
  16. C

    how can my Charakter dash?

    How can i Dash in direction 270(down) with the key "S" heres the code if (global.pause) exit; if place_free(x,y+1) {gravity = 0.5} else {gravity = 0} gravity_direction = 270; if vspeed > 10 {vspeed = 10} if keyboard_check(ord("S")) and !place_free(x,y+1) {vspeed+= 15}; (<- this doesnt work...
  17. X

    [SOLVED]not sure how to fix my dash

    my dash button works but i wont dash while the character is moving left or right but it does dash while in the air or standing still. Here is the code for my dash //code if((key_dash) and sprite_index = spr_player_left) { hspd=spd*-4; }
  18. Luke Pierson

    Wall Knockback [UNSOLVED]

    Hiya, so I've got a dash state in my game, where the player can dash around. I want there to be a penalty when you bash up against a wall while dashing, staggering you and breaking your dash. I have already implemented a knockback effect and stagger sprite changes accordingly. That all works as...
  19. D

    Legacy GM Help with dash state

    I have created a 'dash state' where when i press E, i dash a couple of spaces forward / to the specific side etc. and it's all working fine. I recently wanted to add an animation to the dash where it just shows the player in different shades. The only problem im finding is that there are errors...
  20. J

    Diagonal movement in side scroller.

    Hello. I am working on a 2D side scrolling multiplayer game. What I am trying (and failing) to implement is a dash kick, or a dive kick if you will. I can't seem to make the player object move on the x-axis using my code. Here is my movement code: //Horizontal Collision if...