1. JacquesVSA

    Steam Hollow Destiny

    Hello fellow GM devs! Back in november I release my first finished project, Hollow Destiny. It's a simple runner with a dark theme, nothing ground breaking, but it makes me really proud!. If you have the time, please check it out =) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1469860/Hollow_Destiny/
  2. Chodec974

    Released Dark Asteroids – Action PC game with a spaceship

    The player's task is to defend the planet Earth from the threat coming from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Will humanity be able to uncover the enemy base and destroy it? Selection of available missions before launching the ship from the orbital platform. Game challenge in brilliant...
  3. S

    Released Myselw

    Hello, I’m a solo developer who started to learn programing and drawing from scratch in the summer of 2018 and I'm finally releasing my first 2d platformer game, Myselw: My selfish wish. I had a lot of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, some of them caused me a couple of sleepless nights...
  4. MMM

    Project: Unborn

    Project: Unborn is a reboot of my older game called White Wolf https://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.com/2017/11/white-wolf-collection.html and it will consist of several episodes. The game will be available online, on Android (without ads or in-app purchases), and on Windows / Linux systems...
  5. M

    Alpha Cause Of Life [Dark Adventure]

    History: Do you know what deep love is? Are you sure you have seen true love in your life? A nineteen years old named Vain loves his little brother more than anything in the world. His little brother, Todd, is the reason why he lives. A humble older brother who always take care of his younger...
  6. F

    Free Vicious, Fateful Memories. final version ever

    After what seem like eternity Vicious is finally finished, this is technically the first game I've ever made "squidgurl was a 2 week vacation to stave of insanity", and was a nightmare every step of the way do to being way to ambitious for a beginner ;) Game info is at the bottom if you want...
  7. R

    Steam Free Demo - Darkness Restricted | 27th February 2018

    Hi everyone, Created in my 10x10 room at 22, 7 months and about 600 hours of work later. Darkness Restricted is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics and running at 120 step/second. You are loaded in a simulation that will test and optimize your handgun combat skills. You have to find a USB...
  8. MMM

    Released Code: Evolved and White Wolf Collection

    Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2 game is finally out! You can check it out on https://mmm.itch.io/white-wolf-2 The story revolves around experiment performed on animals with crystallized life energy. Crystals can cause violent evolution, permanent physical pain, and mental instability on every...
  9. Braisque

    Steam Doll

    D O L L About Doll is a visual novel of horror and exploration. With the Jeudille doll, you will be free to explore the city of Lorgna. Talk to the inhabitants, and compare their speeches to succeed in answering the questions raised by this experience. — There is no "jump scare," nor is...