1. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] attack (hit) player multiple time by diffrent other players att the same time!

    so am creating a topdown 2v2 game and i found my self stuck on the dmage system. right now i have diffrent controls for the same hero and all 4 players play the same hero so its the same object. the player can knockback multiple other players but the player that got hit cant be targeted by...
  2. Catastrophe

    Designing "damaged" mechanical parts

    So we're designing a game that is kind of a mash between Airships Conquer the Skies and FTL. And one thing that is really puzzling me is how we should indicate ship damage to a particular part. 1) One way is to show effects like smoke, although this may clutter the battle zone. Maybe we could...
  3. Wolff

    GML Creating a (sort-of) Typing Game Mechanic

    Not necessarily a typing mechanic, but one that works similarly. I'd like to create a game in which you deal damage by providing the requested inputs that appear above enemies. Instead of typing out words as one would in an actual typing game, the player would use only two inputs (for example...
  4. CrackedGamer§

    Game Mechanics Any ideas for a balancing system for enemies?

    So I need a multiplier for hp & damage dealt by enemies so that the game will always be a challenge. At the moment I feel like I want it to be skill based, so maybe "DmgDealt / DmgTaken"? I could use the levels of the player's weapons (swordlvl & knifelvl)? I ain't very good at balancing...
  5. Andrew R. C. Beck

    GML [SOLVED] Ball bouncing off of enemies but they now do not receive damage

    Just as the title says, I'd managed to sort out the collisions of the ball from fine folks here with a place_meeting code in the ball's Step Event: [code] //Collision Checks// //----------// //Horizontal// //-----// if place_meeting( x - 1, y, all) || place_meeting( x + 1, y, all) {...
  6. B

    GMS 2 Character Knock back Doesn't Exist (SOLVED)

    I made sure I typed down everything from this tutorial video. I added the enemy knockback code, and it works just as I expected. But when I added on the player character (and made sure to copy the code from the video), all I get is this tiny message: It didn't crash the game, but it...

    Legacy GM quick question about removing health from healthbar...

    hey yall, its been a while but i have picked up my project again, and i had a question for anyone, lets say i had a script (below) and when you press enter it will do 10 damage to the enemy (code below) was wondering how to write that as i have forgotten and cant seem to find a video online for...
  8. R

    Flinch effect (knockback when player takes damage)

    Hi there! I am new on Gamemaker Studio 2 and been following Shaun Spalding's youtube videos as I wanted to make my first platformer game. My obj_Player moving system looks pretty much like his: var move = key_right - key_left; hsp = move * walkspeed; vsp = vsp + grv; x = x + hsp; y = y + vsp...
  9. B

    GML 1 hit kill

    Hello everybody i created a attack system but whenever i hit a enemy or the other way arround it is a one hit kill even though my set dmg isnt equal to its health (in my creation code the Cdmg = 0 and Ehp is set to 100 in my enemies create script) My attack code is : else if ((attack...
  10. M

    GML Damage system

    Hey. I'm coding a damage system. I want to have the object that does the damage to store the IDs of its "victims", and then check if it already dealt damage to the victim or not. This is so that the object only does damage to the same object once, but can still damage other objects until it is...
  11. O

    Trouble assigning variables to instances.

    (Solved then had new problem with new code)
  12. Beechbone

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] Game reports as being damaged after being downloaded from storefront

    Hey, I have a problem with distributing my game outside of Mac App store. I imported my project to GMS2 and compiled it with a slight update, which fixed a bug that I had in the macOS version of the game. I'm distributing my game via itch.io and now after the file is downloaded and executed...
  13. M

    Health and Damage?

    I've been looking into health bars and I am VERY new to the gamemaking community. I have a deadline in 4 weeks and I'm trying to figure out how to implement damage and healthbars. I aimed to have the enemies and main character have health bars. None of the characters shoot projectiles. I have...
  14. P

    GMS 2 making player invincible after taking damage

    I have a problem with making player invincible after taking damage from enemy. I want player to be invincible for 2 seconds after hitting the enemy and losing 1 hp. The event looks like this for now and I don't know how to end it. Can you guys help? ENEMY COLLISION WITH PLAYER EVENT ENEMY...
  15. jf_knight

    Graphics Blood screen damage

    I'm surprised i couldn't find any tutorials, marketplace assets, or shaders on how to create the iconic red-edged screen/hud damage effect in gamemaker studio. Can anyone help?
  16. A

    Objects Behaving differently even though they are the same

    I've been working on a 2.5D platformer game for about a week now and I've run into an issue. The main character encounters enemies, called Nuggets, that just walk left in right within designated zones and are supposed to hurt the player when you walk in to them. You can kill them by jumping on...
  17. D

    GameMaker: programming a twin-stick-shooter! Enemies

    Ive done a twin-stick-shooter vs zombies. my only problem is, that i only get damage if i hit the zombies, not if they hit me... I
  18. B

    GMS 2 How to make collision masks and deal melee damage?

    Sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question i haven't been using GMS2 for very long but i can't find a tutorial for this anywhere since most of them use ranged attacks. So basically i want the damage system to be completely in the enemy's favour, where the player does about 1 dmg and the...
  19. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Burn Damage

    I've been searching google and the forums to no avail. I'm trying to make an on burn effect that only lasts 3-5 seconds. I have used alarms, if statements, case statements, for loops, but have only managed to get the effect to run once or constantly without stopping. I might be going slightly...
  20. T

    Health and Damage

    I'm not sure how exactly yo do it, I've watched tutorials but they don't seem to help, I've tried setting health -1 relative to the amount of health given (3) but it kills the player and the enemy , which is set to destroy on contact with the player. I've also tried creating an object that moves...