1. G

    SOLVED Drawing 3D Things Over Everything In Legacy

    I wanted to make some d3d drawing operations over any other 3d draws. I want an effect like ESP or something like 'hunter vision' in video games. I've played with depths, d3d_set_depth() and d3d_set_zwriteenable() yet any of them gave the results I wanted. What should I do? Kind of effect I wanted:
  2. VerdeBoss

    3d drawn into a surface

    So I was trying to achieve a 3d scrolling background floor however I have stumbled across this problem where I try to apply a 3d on a surface, it still looks flat. I have tried ways to manuever around this problem, but little to no avail. if !surface_exists(floor) floor = surface_create(...
  3. S

    Legacy GM 3D Camera Auto Pitch

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of solving this. I'm currently developing a 3D game, and I'm wanting the camera to always be on the player. I have it rotating around the player object perfectly and there's no issue with it so long as the character and camera...
  4. S

    SOLVED Rotating around an origin point D3D

    Hey everyone, I have a simple problem that I just don't understand how to fix. I'm making a simple 3d environment using D3D functions. I want a cylinder or sphere to surround my character at all times and follow them with the character as the origin point. I'm going to use that to draw the sky...
  5. Z

    SOLVED backface culling issues

    Hey guys and girls, i am currently working on a small 3d game in game maker. So far i had no problems with performance however iam now generating meshes during runtime and the algorithm (greedy meshing) for doing that is pretty slow. So i started looking into improving overall performance to...
  6. hydroxy

    d3d GMS2 Import Error

    Hey, I while back I started to create a snooker shooter game, I am developing it again. It was a few years back when I started, now I've imported it to GMS2, however some of the d3d is not working correctly. I see that GMS2 has tried to work with the obsolete d3d functions by creating a variety...
  7. M

    Making FPS Wall Switches?

    Not sure where to post this, but what I am asking about may have a lot to do with programming. Okay, this is all regarding the 3D, or "d3d", format. Let's say I want to make a wall switch in my first person shooter. You know, like how you interact with switches in DOOM or Wolfenstein 3D. You...
  8. Erik Leppen

    GMS 2 How to draw vertex buffers transformed?

    I'm used to draw a vertex buffer in old versions of GM like so: d3d_transform_set_identity(); d3d_transform_add_scaling(xscale, yscale, 1); d3d_transform_add_translation(xorigin, yorigin, 0); vertex_submit(vbuff, pr_trianglelist, -1); d3d_transform_set_identity(); Apparently, in GM...
  9. Sammi3

    Casting D3DX11Device from os_get_info into valid data type

    I wanted to cast the D3DX11Device and D3DX11Context from the map provided by os_get_info into the correct type using the correct formating. On the C++ side, I currently have my dll setup as follows: fn_export double Init(void* dx11Device, void* dx11Context, void* windowHwnd) { //Cast void...
  10. Posho

    GMS 2 [Solved] 3D Projection Error

    Hey, I'm encountering this weird issue with some simple 3D projections. I'm trying to make some sort of prison cell but the floor and ceiling can not be seen unless they are looked at from the inside, this happens despite the walls working just fine. What could be causing this? I am using...
  11. Posho

    GMS 2 [Solved] 3D Walls in Studio 2

    Hello, With the death of d3d functions, I've been having to fiddle with vertex buffer functions which is a completely new ground to me. Whilst I was able to pull off drawing floors with textures, I can't properly pull off walls. Can anyone who knows how this works, please help me with this...
  12. J

    why is my code not working

    this is the code d3d_draw_block(-9.80,-9.53,-5.00,9.80,9.53,5,background_get_texture(bg_floor)-1,1,1) its not working please correct it.
  13. S

    Windows 3D alpha value?

    Hello. So I recently wanted to try the d3d functions for a map screen only as the game I am working on has a lot of different layers of mapping. I managed to get very far really quick since what I need is really basic. I am using "d3d_draw_floor" just to draw simple flat textures on different...
  14. P

    Legacy GM Vertex Buffers only drawing below the map [SOLVED]

    This is sort of a follow-up to another thread I posted. However, another issue popped up. Screenshots displayed at the link: https://sites.google.com/view/prometheus1998imagegallery/vertex-buffers-only-drawing-below-the-map The only things I can think of is that, somehow, I defined the "up"...
  15. MegaJim73

    GML [3D] Drawing depth dilemma

    I have a bit of a delicate dilemma involving the drawing of depth in 3D. I have a boss object and a parent gun object, with depths of -10 and -100 respectively. One of the gun objects is a sniper rifle which draws a scope overlay when zoomed in. The boss object has a health bar drawn on the HUD...
  16. N

    GMS 2 Old d3d_start()

    Hey guys... I've noticed that d3d_start(), d3d_draw_block, d3d_set_projection_ext(); Does not exist anymore in GMS2... I saw in the documentation something about camera, matrices, vertex buffers and GPU functions. But I didn't understand ****. I mean, how can we do something like a 2.5D...
  17. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to import .STL format 3D models?

    I'd like to import 3D models (preferably in .STL) in game but I have no idea how to do it. Can you help me with that? :p. I have nothing against other formats of 3D models, so if you recommend a better formats, I will be happy to switch to them.
  18. R

    3D A strange issue with D3D (I think it's a projection issue?)

    Hi everyone! I've been learning / experimenting with d3d in gamemaker the last couple of days, and I've run into a seemingly strange issue that I can't seem to quite decipher. Long story short, it seems that certain instances of particular objects are being projected orthographically (as in...
  19. 3

    Shaders How Much Can the GPU Handle in 3 Dimensions?

    Relatively quick question, in the process of drawing 3d models i normally, map out a .obj file to their corresponding; v (x,y,z) , vt (u,v,w) , vn (i,j,k); vertex position in 3d space ,xyz, vertex texture in 2d space with w for mapping ,uvw, and vertex normal for lighting ,ijk,. I've gotten...
  20. zendraw

    3D Q: Alpha in 3D

    So ive looked up the new article in the news window when you start game maker and there the person talked about how to solve the transparency cutting out anything that is behind it, which by using the default setting in GM2 is enabling ztesting or somthing (gpu_set_ztestenable(true)), i dont...