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    SWF Animation Assistance.

    Hello, for my current project I was wanting to attempt to do a Flash SWF animation for a cutscene and then at the end of the cutscene make it switch rooms. I am currently having issues getting the SWF Animation to on end of animation change to a different room. Any assistance with this or...
  2. K

    Need help with triggering cutscenes

    I'm making an RPG and am confused. I want to make a cutscene that will be triggered once the player object moves to a certain coordinate in the room (just a simple cutscene with some dialogue you can click through). All of the timeline and step events seem to be based on time and not once a...
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    Graphics Software for animating Pixel Art cutscenes?

    I'd like to know if there's some program that allows you to animate cutscenes with pixel art. I know of Aseprite but that's more so for animating single sprites not for a scene with lip syncing, multiple characters, moving cameras etc. Does anything like that exist of will I have to make my own...
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    How to make a hyperlight drifter like cutscene?

    so i am an animator and im working on a small project. ive had this idea of a while where, in 2d games, instead of a cutscene being ingame sprites moving on their own, what if it was whole new 8 bit sprites moving and animating like a cartoon (with much less frames than an animation of course.)...