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    Android / Amazon Fire Android App Bundles

    I've been trying to add Google Play Services to my game for four months. I had finally gotten GMS:2 to compile the game as an AAB file for publishing on Google Play, but in order to test Play Services I need to push at least one more update through Google Play before it will log in during USB...
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    Official Customer Support? Forum Administrators? Anything?

    I've been unable to edit my only post on this forum because apparently linking to is "inappropriate or spam-like". I guess YoYo Games considers itself spam. I've been trying to find some sort of actual official technical support, since these forums and the subreddit and the...
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    Question - Account Marketplace

    receiving payment
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    Discussion About Report Bug

    So when I complained about sound editor not opening and working in GMS2 Report Bug, one of the team members in YoYo Q&A Department Daniel Cleaton messaged me that it could be anti virus or some security programs which could be blocking the capabilities of GMS2 Sound editor but I did not have any...
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     As A Current GMS1 Pro Customer...

    1 - Will paying for the $60 upgrade give me immediate beta access? The beta slots are filled at the time of making this thread (I was at my day job) but I think it would be a kind gesture to customers to get to use the software they pay for, you know? 2 - If I pay for the upgrade, will my...