1. DarthTenebris

    Custom Versioning System

    Hello everybody, A quick question that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere: can GMS2 do "custom version numbers"? For example, instead of just a flat version "" it would be version "1.0.0-cupcake-dev". Basically make version numbers more interesting. The game options in GMS2...
  2. kraifpatrik

    GMS 2 Custom C++ in YYC without DLLs

    Hello everyone, recently I got into going through C++ source files generated by YYC, trying to get some understanding of how GameMaker works behind the hood. I'm putting this together and sharing with you in hopes to pontentially enable the community to make custom tools that could improve the...
  3. Edwin

    [Solved] How to make a custom roundrect with own corner sprites?

    Hello, people. I have a question about draw_roundrect() functions that draws a roundrect, so I have a sprite with 4 frames that keeps images of all roundrect corners. It looks lke this: Every corner image is a seperate frame. So how do I draw a simple rectangle and just change it's corners to...
  4. Jack S

    Android Custom Runtime Merges

    Hi everyone, I have a odd question that relates more to GIT and using it with GMS source than GMS specific. For the last year we have run a custom runtime on android for deep firebase integration and a few other quality of life features for our project. What I'm wondering is if their is a...
  5. Silversea

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Using a custom shape for a surface "mask". Is it possible?

    Hi all, Is it possible to use draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract) to create a non-rectangular mask on a surface? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. I have a grey surface, and a white surface. The grey surface is the background, and the white surface is on top. I want to cut the white...
  6. B

    How can I define a custom collision mask?

    I was wondering if i could define a collision mask where i can define the points of the edges of the mask. For example: if i give 4 points, i should have a rectangular mask. I am drawing a custom polygon in my game and it changes during gameplay which is why i cant just use a precise mask.
  7. Aver005

    Question - IDE How to install your language?

    In earlier versions it was possible to put the GameMaker file, and saw it as a separate language. Now it's not working. However at boot I always see the inscription "Loading of Custom Languages...". And I have a question: HOW to INSTALL YOUR LANGUAGE? WHERE TO THROW? I would be grateful to any...
  8. kraifpatrik

    Question - IDE Custom DnD lib

    Hey everyone, just wanted to ask, if it is possible to make your own DnD library for GameMaker Studio 2 and then share it with others in some convenient way. Thanks, Patrik
  9. A

    Question - IDE Advanced Tabs Options in the Works?

    Hi I use a pop out window with numerous top-tabs and multiple columns for sub-tabs to organize scripts that stem off each other.. ie: timelines and moments.. top level cases and sub-cases etc.. i have so many in my layout that it's difficult to identify from a quick look, which ones are...
  10. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 quick question #1 (friction)

    I have a quick question does anybody know how to replicate gms2's friction? I have searched for example where the friction cannot pass the 0 to the other sign but I can't find any. I was wondering if someone can tell me how to keep friction from flipping the velocities sign when the friction...
  11. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Get_String Custom Help

    How can I make something exactly like the get_string function, but have it custom? I need my game to stay in full screen, but I when loading a map, the easiest way to get the file name for the map is by using get_string. I've know how to make what the player types show up in a box and what...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Can I create a game window with a custom shape?

    I would like to make a game where the window is in the shape of an octagon. I created the PNG background with transparency at the corners of the square to get an octagon. But when the game starts the corners of the square appear gray, because in the Background Tab of Room Properties there is no...
  13. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (Solved) weird custom physics, speeds dropping and accelerating

    may someone tell me why my physics are not consistent? my x and y velocity seems to be dropping and accelerating to what the cause almost seems like each other also the x and y movement is very jagged to what it seems is only 8 directional this is my current code /// @description Create // You...
  14. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension Window Manipulation DLL

    Description Price: $1.99 Buy now from the GameMaker Marketplace Buy now or download the demo from
  15. Carl Nylander

    Question - Code [Shader] vertex_format_add_custom

    Hello community! I'm having trouble using vertex_format_add_custom(). I know there have been trouble using it before but now I can't even use my workaround from GMS 1.x. Using the following code will throw an error in the console "Draw failed due to invalid input layout"...
  16. SirCumferance

    Question - General Custom SMS

    I am looking to make a custom SMS app, prefer it will only SMS to others that use the app. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  17. Desix

    GML Simple animation system

    Simple animation system GM Version: GMS 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: A simple solution to replace normal automatic image_speed animation and with features to control animation looping, and animation end events. Tutorial: The purpose of this system is simply...
  18. J

    Desktop Gaming Issue

    Hey guys. Bought a 900$ desktop from cyberpower gaming. It works very well and can play fallout 4 on max settings with no lag. I have however been experiencing one issue that is annoying me consistantly. When playing 3D (has not happened to any 2D games yet) my screen will at random points...
  19. B

    Steam Kings under the hill

    Kings under the hill is a side-scrolling real time strategy with fully customizable units and destructible randomly generated maps. You have to fight not only with your enemy but also you should take into account the external forces that can help or hurt . Custom your units as you want make them...
  20. Aaron Kendrick

    Legacy GM Custom Collision Masks

    Ive got an interesting question.: Is it's possible to create custom sized collision masks? Sure, you can create black, rectangular sprites from surfaces using create_sprite_from_surface, but wouldn't that be a problem if used extensively? It's not like there is a way to delete he extra sprites...