custom gamepad binds

  1. kburkhart84

    Asset - Scripts FHInput is finally here to solve your input needs

    Firehammer Input Yoyogames Markplace I have finally gotten Firehammer Input ready for release. It is a ground-up re-write of kbinput, and is a free upgrade for those who have already purchased kbinput in the past. Firehammer Input is your new way to manage your game's inputs. Under the...
  2. Marufrozen

    Legacy GM Allowing custom keybinds for both keyboard and controller and also being able to save them.

    Hello. Recently I've been working on trying to create a system for allowing the player to specify which keys they would like to use for their buttons like jumping and shooting for example. My grasp on programming is honestly weak at best. Initially I tried doing a large set of if statements and...