1. P

    Drawing orbits and movement paths

    Hello, I'm working on a Kerbal space program inspired project and I've pretty much got most of the mechanics done but since my math knowledge is limited (especially geometry) I'm having trouble writing the draw code for the following: I have a ship object (obj_player) and would like to draw a...
  2. FactorX12

    Drawing Curves in GMS2

    Hey all, I have searched and searched for some type of script that draws a curve using an x1, x2, y1, y2, and a beginning angle. I saw one for GMS1 posted 9 years ago, however, despite this I tried it (because why not?) but it obviously didn't work. If anyone could offer some sort of script...
  3. S

    wall that is curved

    so i have an OBJ_Wall which is a 32x32 block for a wall but i was wondering how to a curved /corner for a top down game some thing that i can rotate to use on different angles
  4. andev

    GML A free simple quadratic bezier curve script in GML

    Put in 4 x/y coordinates and a lerp value to find the point. I couldn't find a script that did only this out the box in GML. Here's an example of implementation: GM Version: Any Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A The GML you're here for: ///Bezier_Point_Find(lerp, p0x, p0y, p1x...