1. zbox

    Asset - Extension Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android

    Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android View on the Marketplace *** Compatible with all GMS2 versions *** IAPs have been complex with Gamemaker lately - until now! This asset will make its money back for you, headache free, in no time if you've ever tried implementing IAPs yourself...
  2. krispydrink

    [Solved] Need help with currency counting

    Hi there, non-programmer here teaching myself GM2 - I've set up a system to count how much currency my player has, however, there's a way to trigger the count twice on each chest object if the player collides then re-collides with the chest object before it's animation is done playing, which is...
  3. D

    GMS 2 Currency not in dollars

    I want to buy the developer version of GMS2 , but my currency is not in dollars.What am I to do? :(
  4. zbox

    Asset - Extension Facebook IAP's (HTML5)

    Marketplace: Category: [/B]Extensions Price: $29.99 Modules: HTML5 Description: Use Facebook's Login and In-app purchase system to monetize your in-browser HTML5 game. View an online demo. View the documentation
  5. RyanC

    Legacy GM Best way for programming analytics?

    Hi All, I'm currently implementing Flurry analytics into my game and have a question about coding it so that the in-game currency can be tracked successfully. My game has the following ways to earn gems: User collects gems in level. +unknown User follows a fan page. +1000 User share's a post...
  6. RyanC

    Android Distribution of Game Currency - VS - Monetization

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start a topic about finding the right balance between giving users enough free gems to enjoy the game whilst ensuring the user will buy gems or watch ads so that the app will earn sufficient revenue. My game has gems to collect in each level and a system in the shop...
  7. D

    How to save and load currency

    When i make the player hit the coin i get this, i made a scrip to save currency and load it but i dont think i did it right. FATAL ERROR in action number 2 of Step Eventobj_p1 for object obj_coin: Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get, -2147483648) at...
  8. B

    GML Making an interactive computer object within the game

    Hey guys, I want to make a RPG style game similar to Dev's app but before I put time and effort into making it I wanted to check with someone if what I want to make is possible using yoyo. So I want to make a game where the player is a song writer and they use a computer within the game to...
  9. K

    [SOLVED]How to make a currency system based off of in game score?

    So I want to make an in game store where the player can buy different sprites to play as with their currency. I want the currency to be made based off of their score they get within the game. To give you an idea of what the game is, it is a quick mini-game that usually lasts between 10-20...