1. Z

    SOLVED backface culling issues

    Hey guys and girls, i am currently working on a small 3d game in game maker. So far i had no problems with performance however iam now generating meshes during runtime and the algorithm (greedy meshing) for doing that is pretty slow. So i started looking into improving overall performance to...
  2. R

    GML How to use 'Occlusion Culling' in 2D graphics?

    I mean I saw a tech about 'Occlusion Culling' other name is 'Frustum Culling'. I wanna use it in my 2D graphics project. and how can I?
  3. J

    Maybe culling, maybe mask, maybe depth, maybe draw_...

  4. J

    Maybe Culling? Maybe Mask? Maybe Depth? Maybe Draw_...????

    HI Community! My project is hung up on this issue. In the attached image 'You' can see (unfinished) level art, a character sprite (which has movement and animations implemented), an invisible collusion shape (keeping character from walking over things, and finally "my issue." The green...
  5. Octopus_Tophat

    GMS 2 Sprites culling when manually manipulating matrices

    Hi, I'm not using cameras in my game for complicated reasons that I don't really feel like explaining. I basically have my own draw pipeline, where the main game control object handles all the drawing for my custom cameras. So my custom cameras are manipulating the matrices while setting...
  6. Azenris

    GMS 2 Large room, camera & surfaces

    Hi, I'm having a misunderstanding of whats going on and would like to help for some help :D Basically I have a large room. A camera moves around this room. Drawing is done to a surface. That surface is drawn to the application surface. My problem is, anything outside the camera view ( from the...