1. csanyk

    Asset - Scripts InstanceCreate

    InstanceCreate is my first Marketplace asset for GMS2. I created it mostly as an exercise to make sure I knew how to create assets for GMS2, and also to "fix" a mild annoyance I have with the instance create functions in GMS2. This is a very simple script for GMS2 users who came from GMS1, and...
  2. csanyk

    Asset - Extension z3d engine

    Z3D Engine is a fake-3d engine designed for simplicity, efficiency, performance, and ease of use. Z3D engine provides position, motion, collision detection, and depth sorting/draw order for your 2.5D games. Suitable for games where you have a static, 3/4 view of the world, where the side and top...
  3. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Rolling Average

    This is a free asset. It uses a ds_map and ds_queue to calculate a rolling average of a stream of up to N numeric values. It's easy to use with any project. Just add the extension to your project and use the new functions: rolling_mean_create() rolling_mean_destroy() rolling_mean_add()...
  4. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Ludum Dare 36 sale

    All my paid assets are free for LD36. Sale will end with the Jam submission deadline. If you grab anything, I'd really appreciate a rating/review.
  5. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Control Schemes

    Control Schemes is a paid extension that implements a design pattern for input handling. It makes implementing controls a simpler matter of following the design pattern. A "control scheme" is a term I made up to describe a set of user inputs, combined with their effects. Many games in a given...
  6. csanyk

    Asset - Extension iMprOVE_WRAP

    iMprOVE_WRAP is a paid extension that improves on the built-in GML function move_wrap. The GML function move_wrap() is a useful GML function, but it has a few limitations: It’s limited to working with the border of the room. Being a move_ function, it is based on GML’s built-in movement...
  7. csanyk

    Asset - Demo KBTester

    KBTester is a free, simple demo project that can be helpful if you are having trouble with your keyboard. To use it, run the project, and press a key on the keyboard. The character represented by the key stroke and the ord number are displayed on the screen. You can make note of these and use...
  8. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Mouse Double Click

    Mouse Double Click is a free extension that provides a simple to implement double-click detection function. There are two functions: mouse_doubleclick_init() creates an instance variable used to check for timing the two click events. Put this in the Create event for your instance...
  9. csanyk

    Asset - Extension scroll_snap

    Scroll_snap is an extension that enables you to "scroll" through a larger room by "snapping" the view, screen-by-screen. You can use this effect to simulate a game with multiple single-screen pseudo "rooms" where moving over the edge of the current or "screen" takes you to the next "screen"...
  10. csanyk

    Asset - Project Simple Performance Test

    Simple Performance Test is a free project stub that will allow you to compare two code snippets and see whether one is faster than the other. It works by repeatedly calling each snippet many times (10,000,000 by default) , and then calculating the average time it took to execute one iteration...
  11. csanyk

    Asset - Extension mmap mini maps

    MMap Mini Maps is a paid asset that implements a powerful, robust mini map system which is highly customizable and extensible. I'm extremely proud of the code that I wrote for this asset, it is superbly well-documented and expressively coded. Even if you don't need a mini map system for your...
  12. csanyk

    Asset - Fonts min font

    Min Font is a free collection of four minimalist fonts that I created using bitfontmaker2, a free web-based bitmap font editor. The fonts are intended to be ideal for low-resolution pixel art games. The asset consists of the following fonts: min.ttf submin.ttf orthogonal.ttf...