1. 2DKnights

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for someone to create a simple shader for me $35USD

    Hi I'm looking for a coder to create a CRT Shader. The shader should be applied to the default application surface as I want it to show over everything. I really like the shaders used in Blazing Chrome and I would like to have something like those. The look I want for the shader is...
  2. G

    Shaders I recently downloaded this CRT Pixel Shader how exactly would I get this code to work for fullscreen or views.. when I'm not in full screen it's fine, when I go into fullscreen it puts a border around the box like this: if anyone knows how to modify the codes to get it to...
  3. A

    Released OLD TV Filter for GameMaker

    OLD TV FILTER FOR GAMEMAKER RELEASED! Unity Version | |GameMaker Version | Construct2 Version hello everyone! a long time ago we made a very nice tv filter for a game called Oniken, we really liked the effect we made, and in octuber of 2014 we released it on Unity Asset Store with a very...