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    Legacy GM [State Machine] Crouch Animation Loop

    How do I stop my crouch animation at the last frame? I tried setting it up like this and it still loops. // Get Input scr_jpgetinput(); // Crouch Animation sprite_index = sp_jplayercrouch; image_speed = 0.4 if sprite_index = sp_jplayercrouch && image_index = 6 { image_speed=0 } // State...
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    Legacy GM Is a crouch animation possible with this setup?

    Create: grav = 0.3; hsp = 0; vsp = 0; jumpSpeed = 5; moveSpeed = 3; Step: // Get input key_Left = -keyboard_check(vk_left); key_Right = keyboard_check(vk_right); key_Jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_up); key_Crouch = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_down); // Use input move = key_Left + key_Right...
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    Need help with Object Movement Error

    In my game I want the Star Wars Jawa you play as to be able to crouch down when you use the Left Shift key. All the movement and everything works good, including the jumping and switching to crouch mode, except when he stands back up the only thing he can do is jump. I have it set to when L...
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    I would like to make a feature where you would be able to crouch by holding down a certain buton, I have looked everywhere and haven't found a suitable thread. All help is appreciated! ~ Thanks :)
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    Trying to figure out how to make my character crouch.

    So I've got a script that contains all of the player's movement, animations, collisions, etc., and it works just fine. I'm pretty new to programming in gml. I'm trying to make my character crouch when the player presses and holds the down key, but I can't figure out how to get it to work...
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    I want to make a new state and switch to it

    I created a new state called scr_crouch_state and want to make my character switch to it from scr_move_state by pressing a button. I already made a whole bunch of code about it but accidentally deleted it. I don't really regret it because it was actually flawed. For example,when I pressed the...