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cross platform

  1. Akhos

    Maintaining Consistency Between Platforms

    I've been working on a fighting game project, and one thing I'd like to do in the far future is allow for cross-play between platforms, like SFV does. Aiming for Windows (Steam) first, but would also like to go on Switch and PS4 at some point. Obviously one of the key parts to letting that...
  2. MaddeMichael

    Asset - Graphics [3D] MMK - Blender->GameMaker, fully animated 3D models, scenes and more

    Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7014/beta-mmk-animated-blender2gm Price: $179.99 introductory price which will increase to $299.99 later (Price may increase as updates come out) Available on itch.io, with an extra demo and alternate price! Basic Setup and Usage (Video)...
  3. R

    AAA Games...

    Hey, everyone! I'd like to ask you if Game Maker: Studio is suitable for AAA games. E.g: Open world 3D games. Is this possible? I really need to know. TVYM for the help, have an awesome day and adios!
  4. Nathan

    Discussion A few questions about Studio 2

    To start out I'll say I haven't used Game Maker since GM7, so I'm sure things have changed and improved drastically since then. I have a few general questions : 1. Once the Mac Beta is released will it be cross platform? So if I start a project on Mac could my brother open it on his PC (and...