1. Byter

    Opinion What do you think about my music 2019?

    Hello GM Community, I have been making music for around two years now and I am aiming to make (preferably good) videogame music. Those three pieces are (in my estimation) the best ones I've made recently. I would be happy about some Feedback and critique. If they'd fit in a videogame, in which...
  2. D

    Free 30 Second Painter - Decorating rooms with a shotgun.

    Game Description: A top down 2D game with a race against the clock element. You play as a painter who has a nasty habit of sleeping on the job. Fortunately you always wake up in the knick of time to get the job done. Armed with your own personal arsenal of painting weaponry. you've never let a...
  3. B

     Some Initial Recommendations

    Hello all, first time posting on the forum, just installed GMS2 and really liking it so far. Although I do have a few recommendations (two, really really minor ones, not trying to complain here! I am loving the product) Firstly: was using it to teach a friend using the D&D features. Noticed...