1. M

    Windows HELP

    hello I have a problem. I have the CREATOR version of game maker studio 2. I made a game and I want to send it, so I created a .zip executable. but it only lets me open the game file in a WinRar and I can't extract the game file itself because if I extract it from WinRar I can´t play it. only a...
  2. S

    Apple Developer Account Requirement For Creator License

    Quick question: Do I need to pay the subscription for the Apple Developer Membership to be able to build and test games using GMS2 Creator License? I'll be testing locally on Mac first, but a couple friends will help me on their machines soon after. Just trying to find out if $39 will turn into...
  3. J

    Question - IDE Question about Creators

    This isn't much for me as it's a gift for someone, but I'm wanting to purchase the Creator's WIN version. Out of curiosity does anyone know if this version carries 1.4 as well?
  4. V

    Can I get a creator license for less than 12 months?

    Greetings. I'm new to game maker and i'd like to purchase the creator license of the product but i'll not be able to use it for 12 months straight, is there any way to get the license for 6 months or so for a lower price? Thanks. (I've never bought any license before so idk how it works xD)
  5. inertias

    Help me understand this code that works

    So someone asked a question on reddit about instances following the individual object that creates them. If you look at the posted solution, it works perfectly but I don't understand why. Here's what they wrote: Haven't been programming for long so I don't understand the "inst.creator"...
  6. J

    GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and Creator

    Hi, My friend and I are working on a game. I currently have GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and he has no version whatsoever. If he were to buy GameMaker Studio 2 Creator for a year, could he work on the game with me, and when we're done, I can build it on my version, and it won't have any...
  7. B

    Windows Purchased Developer License, but account still only has Creator license permissions?

    I decided to purchase the windows compilers on my development account, so I bought the Creator License. I then realized that I should have gotten the Developer License, but that's no big deal as it becomes discounted once you've gotten a Creator License anyways, So I then purchased a Developer...
  8. M

    Reading An OBJ File (Help Please!)

    Hello, GMC! This is my first thread and post on the forums! I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured that this part of the forum felt like the right place, especially in the 'Program' section. If this thread was not meant for this section - just let me know! Perhaps a moderator can move...
  9. MMM

    Windows Ever-Growing

    Download levels, Make levels, Play levels! Platform: Windows Genre: Platformer / Creator Engine: Game Maker 8 Release date: TBA Make your own stage, set of stages or even entire platform type of game with a story! Game will be updated with new levels by me at least once a month. Your...