1. Geners

    sound_volume not lowering the sound... volume [RESOLVED]

    So in my room creation I have this sound_volume(SoverThereBackgroundMusic,0.1); audio_play_sound(SbackgroundSounds,1,true); audio_play_sound(SoverThereBackgroundMusic,2,true); but the sound of SoverThereBackgroundMusic (yes, I know, I should shorten that) doesn't actually lower. I...
  2. Freefork

    Team Request [FREE]Help work on a fighting game.

    Hello everyone. You might have seen me before. Well, that is simply because I am new here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to assist development of a game I made called "Freefork Game". It has a playable demo at this link: Currently I am working on...
  3. S

    Job Offer - Programmer Opportunity - Building a game (Paid - Budget)(Developer Found - Close Thread)

    I have a job opportunity for a single individual paid (I have a budget) on creating this game. Now the game I would like to build is similar to Spoon Pet Collectors. But this version will be of Pandas and have the same concept (the animals appear randomly when the app is closed and bring...
  4. C

    Art Asset Production Pipeline

    Hey Everyone! I'm working on an RPG with my friend and she has been very helpful in busting out concept art for the characters in the game. I recently got her into anime and she's been awesome at learning how to draw in that style, shade, etc. Soon she's going to work on the concept art for...
  5. David Richard

    Article List of FREE tools and websites for game creation

    Here is a list of very usefull softwares that are good for game creation with a brief description. This list can be expanded by other users' contributions. The softwares on this list will follow these guidelines: Free for commercial and non commercial use (No paid version or stripped down free...
  6. David Richard

    Suggestion Game Creation Tools (GMS and/or non-GMS) section in forums

    I loved the old section in the Legacy forums that permitted users to post softwares and tools for game creation. For example, I created this tool GMSTool, but I have no place to put it besides the "Off topic" forum. I'm sure that plenty other people have different tools that others could use to...
  7. TypicalHog

    Creating object in the room Creation event?

    Is it a bad practise to create objects in the room creation code? Should I just put them in the room manually?