1. F

    Array Object

    Hi! Can someone tell me if this code is right? I mean if i can get "y" from an object through array. if(nostick==1) { array=instance_create(obj_player.x+75,obj_player.y-75,obj_stick); nostick=0; } if(array.y<150) <-- { array.vspeed=0...
  2. Samuel Venable

    Discussion How many people want instance_create() back?

    In other words, for 1.x project compatibility purposes, there should be a way to make a script named instance_create in the resource tree without it saying "Oops! You are using a deprecated function" error. How many of you want this for convenience? It wouldn't take much work for YYG to remove...
  3. Ting_Thing

    Platform Builder - Toolkit to Make Platform Games

    Platform Builder is a toolkit designed for creating your own Platform games, built from the ground up with GMS. The goal of this program is that it would be easy to learn from young players, yet powerful and sophisticated for unique games. You are in command to design your own character, levels...
  4. S

    The Lego Thread(Post your creations!)

    Post your lego creations here! Come on lego fans! I will even make a creation of your choice!
  5. G

    Legacy GM "Create Application" Change Confusion HELP I THINK???

    Okay, what is going on... So, I usually upload my fully completed games to GameJolt. Never uploaded anywhere else. Never had any problems before at all. I would just click on "Create Application", name it and put the file location, then BOOM done! Installer! Now today is different. It's giving...
  6. L

    Legacy GM [Help] 'Breaks' in particle chain

    Hey GMC, I've been having an issue creating my particle system. At slow speeds it is fine but as I start to speed up there appear to be 'breaks' in the particle chain. You can see a YouTube video of the issue here: and the Code here: Create Event: ///Engine Particle Intialisation var...
  7. J

    Windows Error - random image_rotate for random time

    Hey guys, new to the forum. the basic script design is for a random image_angle to happen on create in create: in step: in alarm 0: I've ran over this a few times, and I'm not spotting any mistakes, but it still throws this error: I'm hoping for a simple mistake that I've simply...
  8. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Which is faster? (Re)create/destroy or Create/(re)deactivate

    Hi all, Regardless of various forseeable consequences, which is faster/most optimal? Create -> Destroy -> Recreate or Create -> Deactivate -> Reactivate
  9. G

    Instance Create at Collision Point

    How would I create an instance in the collision event between two objects? I want an effect I created to be created right at the point of collision between the two objects. So in Collision Event.... var collideLocationX; var collideLocationY; instance_create(collideLocationX, collideLocationY...
  10. K

    Legacy GM Create object everywhere on a grid?

    For example: a 10x10 grid (32px x 32px sprites), how do you create the object 100 times, 1 time for each square of the grid.
  11. betitoas1

    Idea I need a really good idea for a boss

    ¿Can you help me, giving me ideas for a boss?, I really have a problem with the bosses 'cause i don't know what idea is great for my desing of my game. This is the art style of my game. I let an image Thank you for your ideas :) Any idea is welcome :P
  12. T

    Does create event take action instantly?

    Will new chunks that have been created run their create event code before being destroyed? // Destroy all chunks with (obj_chunk) { instance_destroy(); } // Create new chunks with (obj_asteroid) { scr_load_chunks(id); } // Destroy all chunks with (obj_chunk) { instance_destroy(); }
  13. Tom_SavePointsGames

    function that replaces self? can scripts run in the create event?

    Hello, I am making a game with a lot of enemies that use similar variables. examples: enemy_health = 5; enemy_damage = 2; enemy_spd = 3; I am familiar with inheritence and thought it would be easier to maintain one script with a list of all the enemies and what there initial variables...
  14. MMM

    Ever Growing - Development progress in one week

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- EN "Ever Growing" is in development for 3 months now. But it's been publicly presented 1 week ago. And since then I'm been posting screenshots and videos from this game. And now it's time to compare old screenshots and new...
  15. MMM

    Released Ever Growing finally released!

    Only one month until full "Ever Growing" game release. And the demo is out for two months now. So it's the right time to look at the main differences between the demo and full version of the game. 1. Building assets Many new objects are added in the level editor since demo version (floors...