1. L

    Windows Create an object on click

    Hello, i'm kinda new to game maker and i wonder how you could create an object when you click and where your mouse is. thanks for your help
  2. C

    SOLVED: Instance_Create with Alarm event

    Good Morning, I have an alarm[0] that in 3 seconds I want the alarm to trigger and create an instance of an object after I press my action button. Any help would be appreciated. I created a alarm[0] event with the following: instance_create(x,y,obj_Garage_Door_Up) In my step event of the...
  3. A

    Suggestion: object from sprite funtcion

    I've looked around and am missing where to put technical suggestions so i posted here. Mods please move this to where it should be if it's not here thanks. I was wondering if there exists, or if not .. if this could be implemented? Simply put, a drop down function or keyboard shortcut to take...
  4. H

    Legacy GM How to create instances at random_range but NOT if instance_place(random_location,object)?

    Hello! I am trying to make some enemies spawn randomly in a room. The only issue is that they sometimes spawn inside blocks and they get stuck. How would I go about fixing this? I am using random_range to specify the region they should spawn within. Any help would be very much appreciated! -...
  5. A

    Android Creating Virtual D-Pad for Mobile Game

    I have been trying to do this for 8-9 hours now, I cant get it to WORK! Every tutorial is either 4-5 years old or in spanish. Im a beginner and this is kinda frustrating that mobile implementation of keys can be this hard. I currently started with the tutorial: But the video involves Xbox...
  6. A

    true false for bullet instances

    Hi guys, Lil "ammo issue" here... Where / what would be the best method to store a true/false state of one bullet of thousands? (This means for every instance, ever created) I have a basic setup for it and it works, but they're moving SO fast and registering at their target properly Buuutt...
  7. A

    Problem With " Instance_Create_Layer "

    Hello, I have a problem ... After firing my pseudo-game, the code error pops up.
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Inventory Not Drawing To Screen

    I have this block of code located in the Draw GUI event of my inventory object: if (global.showInv) { var x1, x2, y1, y2; // x1 = left side, x2 = right side, y1 = top side, y2 = bottom side x1 = camera_get_view_x(view_camera); x2 = x1 + camera_get_view_x(view_camera); y1 =...
  9. Samuel Venable

     2 steps before game window starts?

    Usually when I want to use the "game start" or create event for the first room I need to instead put a two step alarm and in the alarm event fire the actual code I want at startup. This is because it seems during the first two steps of every game the game window is not yet visible, or if you...
  10. S

    Why the object is not creating?

    Room Creation Code:: var i, file; file = file_text_open_read("level_1.lvl"); i = 0 ; while (!file_text_eof(file)) { object = file_text_read_string(file); // object name file_text_readln(file); object_x = file_text_read_real(file); // object x...
  11. L

    Creating a new sprite from 1 image index of another sprite?

    I am trying to create a new sprite from one of the image frames of another sprite using GML. Is this possible? something like this: new_sprite=sprMonster.image_index(4); this (if it was real code) would make a sprite from frame 4 of the Monster sprite animation
  12. XirmiX

    GML Creating a new file while the game is running?

    Been a while since I've been working with game maker... I talked about this before, but I said that I knew how to do this... I have either misunderstood something or I completely forgot how to do this. I tried to search this up, but I can't find anything. Is there a command for creating a new...
  13. Y

    Linux Is the export correct?

    Hello, I have GMS 1.4 and I connected to ubuntu (everything was ok) so I wanted to create an executable, for my game, (Ubuntu in this case) so I unmarked the option "Install on app" - because I wanted to install it by myself (of course). Compile was fine, but I believed it will create a " .deb...
  14. P

    Pathing Question

    When creating an instance of an object from another object (e.g. new_instance=instance_create(x,y,new_object) how would you also set a path for that other object without setting the path within code of the other object? Also, when using paths for movement how can you change animation based on...
  15. P

    Legacy GM [Solved] Does an IF loop run in the create event?

    I tried including an IF loop in my create event for an object, but I think GameMaker just skips the loop ? Edit: GameMaker DOES run an if block in the create event.
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Create/copy instance from object

    Hey there everyone I'm trying to make something, but it's getting really difficult. I'd like to share it with you. I have one button object on screen, called 'obj_button'. I made a piece of code so I can drag and drop it anywhere I want, and it's working fine. But what I'm trying to achieve...
  17. S

    Legacy GM Check if room exists by name instead of by index

    I've made an elaborate system of room generation but it works by checking the room name instead of room index. It's not working because room_exists checks for the index. How do I make it check for the name instead?
  18. S

    GML generate random options dynamically

    So I'm making a simple arcade-style game. It consist on ice cream cones falling and one pressing buttons to make them. I have four "flavours" (colors) and as difficult arises I want them to appear stacked. For the moment just one flavour appear. I tried with draw_sprite() and using de x of the...
  19. G

    Access object argument

    Good night, I had a question in some tests, I create the object with the: Instance_create And inside it has a create, In which a = argument0; b = argument1; move_towards_point (mouse_x + a, mouse_y + b, 10); How do I submit this argument?
  20. N

    Windows [SOLVED] Allow my light surface to hurt the enemy

    I'm trying to get the light surface to damage the enemy when it touches it. [o_light_main] Create Event: surf = surface_create(room_width, room_height); surface_set_target(surf); draw_clear_alpha(c_black, 0); surface_reset_target(); Step Event: execute code: if (surface_exists(surf)) {...