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  1. PsychicParrot

    My Nuclear Octopus is coming soon to Steam!

    If you need constant loot boxes, endless powerups, crisp vector graphics, online challenges, multiplayer and 3d.. this is not the game you are looking for. On the other hand, if you love old style, pure of heart out-and-out arcade gaming, you and My Nuclear Octopus may just be on the verge of a...

    Legacy GM better player movement, a step up from drag and drop.

    hey guys. so for convenience sake i was wondering if you guys had any better ideas on how to move you player, right now my code looks like this: Keyboard Event for <Left> Key: execute code: if (sprite_index=spr_player_NML){ sprite_index=spr_player_L; } if (sprite_index=spr_player_NMR){...
  3. Cantavanda

    Discussion do you guys know what this means? (girl advice)

    monday in class i was staring into space & the girl i liked was walking by & looking at me while i was staring into space. then later i was staring at the wall & when i looked over i see her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her head. then the next day in class i heard her...
  4. MrPr1993

    Shaundi's World (3D Collect-A-Thon Shooter) - DISCORD

    It ain't much, but here's something! I'm workin on~ Shaundi. A lil' game bout a killer rabbit. Currently, the thing I got so far for the is her dealing with a mob. My goal here design-wise is to make it a 3rd person shooter. I remembered that I still had this account so I'll show what I done...
  5. slayer 64

    video and game maker

    I was thinking about getting video from a camera. I don't know how I would get that live feed into game maker. How could I bring in a video feed and draw it to a surface? Is there a library? I want the feed to come from a serial connection or something plugged into the local computer. I want...