1. Fredrik

    Steam Moor - First Person dungeon crawler

    A first person roguelite dungeon crawler Released on Steam 20th of december 2019 Website Greenlight Previous forum tread Second forum tread First forum tread Hey! Since Moor's release in december 2019 it has had several patches which has improved the game alot! Moor is currently in...
  2. Fredrik

    [SOLVED] Saving and regenerating instances that the player has spawned

    Hey! A few days ago I asked for help on how to make a system to save 'states' for various instances that have been changed by the player, like in a dungeon crawler if the player break a crate or open a chest, to then go down to a new floor, and then back up to the previous one again, and how to...
  3. Fredrik

    [ SOLVED ]

    Hey. I'm making a dungeon crawler, and the entire game takes place in only one game maker room. I've made a system which will generate a random dungeon, and when you find the way down to the next floor it will delete the current generated level and generate a new one. However, if you want you...