1. J

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 crashes when I click on any button.

    I have never used Game Maker Stuido before. I install it and create a new project saving that file in whatever is the default location on my harddrive. The first time I click any button it crashes I try a few times and it keeps crashing. The error message reads a fatal exception has occured and...
  2. K

    Android Game Crashing - JNI

    Hello, I have android game on google play store, which I recently updated and made the necessary changes . The game works for me and my friends, but I get crash reports from Google all over the world. Here are some screenshots of crash details from Google. Names of crashes: signal 11...
  3. Kaliam

    HTML5 HTML5 Game crashing on Safari on IOS 14+ on iPhone (Need help ASAP)

    Hello! My team and I are nearing completion of a project we are working on for HTML5/OpenGL, however, when running the game on Safari/Chrome on iPhone the page will automatically refresh after a 5 - 10 seconds. This happens after getting into our main game world. The main game world has around...
  4. clee2005

    iOS iOS In app purchases on iOS14 are throwing exceptions

    I've been getting a bunch of reports of crashing on iOS 14 devices. I checked the crash logs in Xcode to see that it's consistently crashing here (on iOS 14 only) : Line 61 of file in the iOS IAP Extension. - (void)paymentQueue:(nonnull SKPaymentQueue *)queue...
  5. DreadedDruid

    Android Google Play Pre-launch reports showing a lot of issues

    I currently have my game uploaded to Google Play and is undergoing internal testing before launch. I checked out Google Play's Pre-Launch report and a few devices have been having issues with every version i've released. Specifically the Samsung Galaxy s3, Moto G4 Play, and Nokia 1. I've tried...
  6. clee2005

    Mac OSX MacOS problems with new 2.2.4 IAPs?

    Everything seems to work well in my testing on 10.14 and 10.15. But I have 1 confirmed user that is on 10.13.6 (High Sierra) and cannot open our games (3 of them all exhibit the same behavior). Crashed Thread: 4 Dispatch queue: SKProductsRequest reply queue Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)...
  7. SteamingBullet

    Legacy GM Dying sometimes causes the game to break? But only sometimes?

    I've been working on this platformer beat em up-esque game for about a month now, and met my first infuriating bug with it. It's hard to explain because as far as I know it's inconsistent and nothing seems to directly cause it. When you run out of health in game, the character becomes a "death"...
  8. Karlstens

    Windows Unable to install GMS2 - Win X

    Hey fam, After installing and running GMS2 on my new WinX PC for about a week, I've found today that it won' t run. I attempted a reinstall via GameMakerStudio-Installer-, which installs without error, however there is no resulting ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2 folder, and the...
  9. E

    Question - D&D Goto_room drag and drop freezes the game (SOLVED)

    I'm creating a RPG and currently have two objects that have collision events where the obj_char touches them and they are taken to a certain room. The first collision object works fine and the player is taken from room 1 to room 2. However, the second collision object simply causes the entire...
  10. B

    Windows [FIXED] Crashes not long after launching

    I'm pretty new to GMS and not long after I bought the license it started crashing not long after launching, it doesn't even load much in Request any info, I will provide.
  11. S

    Discussion Gamemaker crashed and deleted everything

    I've been working on a sprite for the past 2 hours, and while working on it GameMaker crashed. I logged back on and the sprite's thumbnail has everything I have drawn in it, but when I clicked on it everything was blank. I also made an object with this sprite, and the object's thumbnail also had...
  12. S

    Android Missing code? (App crashing)

    Hey all, I’ve made a simple test project and I have a question. I’ve made sure there’s no excessive code or whatever but I’m sure I am missing something. I have no advanced java experience. My app runs fine through emulators and pushing to devices, but it crashes when I exit the app or switch...
  13. samspade

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 Regularly Freezing

    Since a few days ago, GMS 2 has been regularly freezing on me requiring a force exit from the task manager. There isn't one place it is doing it or anything I have pinpointed. I wasn't keeping careful track at first because I assumed it was just a random occurrence, but it has happened so many...
  14. K

    Windows Recent update of Gamemaker Studio 2 crashes on startup

    I heard this was an issue a while back (something to do with flash player and windows 10), but after trying every fix I could possibly find, nothing fixed it. I am running windows 10, all latest updates. However, downloading an older version of Gamemaker (Version from the release...
  15. G

    Question - IDE (SOLVED)GMS2 is Freezing And Crashing constantly

    When I say constantly I mean that I am completely unable to work on my project(s). As a long time user of GameMaker Studio I just want to say that I'm seriously disappointed in YoYo Games and GamerMaker Studio 2. Not only was I forced to purchase and port to GMS2 from GMS1.4 (a product I was...
  16. A

    Gamemakerstudio not even opening and crashing

    Hi, ive been having this issue for a very long time now, i have the master collection for gamemaker studio 1.4 (i think its the older version though) and i haven used it in quite a while. Now when i come to double-click on it on my desktop, a loading circle comes up next to the cursor and it...
  17. A

    Unable to install, rss problem

    I had previously installed and used game maker studio, but had not used it in a about 6-9 months. I tried launching it today and it told me that it could not retrieve the RSS feed to download modules and crashed. So I went to the yoyogames website and re-downloaded Game maker studio 1.4 from my...
  18. F

    Windows Chrashing

    When I open my project and make a sprite it crashes. Can someone please help me.
  19. B

    Help! - GameMaker Studio closes itself immediately after opening

    Problem: Today I attempted to open a GMS project. The program opened and then immediately closed after a fraction of a second. I was able to see the outline of the main editor window flash on and then off the screen. It is impossible to open it or run a project. I was working with GMS several...
  20. Dan1

    Windows Game Crashes upon Exit

    Hello Everyone, I've noticed a bit of a reoccurring problem with the game I'm making at the moment in which, when saved as an executable or when testing normally through GM - whenever I close the game, it crashes and shows the "Stopped Responding" window - this doesn't seem to affect the game...