1. P

    Question - IDE Frequent crashes/issues with sprite editor

    I've been meaning to start recording my entire dev/art sessions in GMS2 so that these issues can be documented properly; they happen so randomly that I just haven't been quick enough to pull up OBS in time. There are two major issues that I experience on a regular basis: 1. While using the...
  2. Schekhovtsov

    Android / Amazon Fire Crashes/ANR Errors in Google Play Developer Console

    Hi guys. The game displays a number of crashes in the console, the reasons for which are not clear. Maybe someone knows what they came from? I attach the details to each error in order.
  3. bshadow8

    UWP Using XBOX Live features in Developer Mode Crashes Game

    So I've recently uploaded my project to Microsoft Application store, and its in certification. Apparently using XBOX Live commands in XBOX ONE developer mode crashes the game...So is there any way that I can test my project with full fledged XBOX Live features without it crashing, or is this a...
  4. S

    Android / Amazon Fire Crash reporting/management in mobile platforms?

    Hi, we are closing to releasing a game developed in GameMaker on Android and iOS. My concern is, coming from mobile development, there are lots of solutions for logging and diagnosing crashes (Flurry, Crashlytics, etc) - however I haven't seen any indication on how to make them work with...
  5. Bretonator

    Help! - GameMaker Studio closes itself immediately after opening

    Problem: Today I attempted to open a GMS project. The program opened and then immediately closed after a fraction of a second. I was able to see the outline of the main editor window flash on and then off the screen. It is impossible to open it or run a project. I was working with GMS several...
  6. jb skaggs

    Windows Studio 2 crashes regularly at two different times.

    On a Asus Laptop WIndows 10 computer The Ide crashes at two different times for me: 1. If I start to program and do not start new project or open project and just leave it sitting there for like an hour it will lock up and have to be killed from task manager. This happens because I open...
  7. B

    HTML5 HTML5 version of my game crashes but windows version runs fine.

    I made a small game for a class assignment and it needs to run in a web browser. The game works fine in a windows executable but consistently crashes at the same place in the HTML version. The link to the HTML version of my game is here The game...
  8. M

     Gamemaker Studio crash at launch

    Hi, Good day to all. It's been a while that I am following this forum. Today, I need your help. Since this morning, I am no more able to launch the IDE. When launching, all I see is a blanck window, then a crash report from Windows. I've tried to clean uninstall then reinstall with a fresh...
  9. RyanC

    Legacy GM Runner Keeps Crashing Randomly

    Hi everyone, Recently my game keeps crashing with the following message: GameMaker:Studio Runner (c) YoYo Games Ltd. 2015 has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I'm running game...
  10. RyanC

    Android / Amazon Fire Game crashes on mobile due to RAM - Loading texture groups at run-time required

    Hi everyone, I've recently been experiencing issues with my game on a Sony Experia M2 phone. The game use to work on this device a few months ago and I haven't upgraded any SDK's or NDK's. The game is still working on my Google Nexus7 2012 model. Any help really appreciated!
  11. LucasTheNewbie

    Windows [SOLVED] Game Maker 8 crashes when I try to open a certain project file..

    Title is quite self-explanatory. When I try to open a certain project file, my gm8 crashes (Not Responding). I read something about the file size of the .gmk. Also I read about the build version of the game maker. And also I read about bugs on the 64bit version of an OS. I use the windows 7...