1. Yellowhite

    Windows i am felling losing hopes guys.

    Hi guys. I am adding codes, putting objects, alarms, doing my game normally. But, actually, sometimes, just specific times, when i building, if i add a object or very codes in a room, the game crush. Like: * I did a 3 rooms, the first room have very codes to a scene story. * the others are...
  2. Jaysin

    SOLVED Need help confirming a possible bug

    Hi, I'm Jaysin, I've been using GMS2 (IDE: /// Runtime: for the past few weeks after having initially tried it 2 years ago. I enjoy it a lot, but I've come across an issue that I'm concerned may be a bug. I'm getting a crash in the GMS2 Runner and when I build a Windows...
  3. flyinian

    Windows ran my project while coding for loops and crashed my computer.

    This is the second time running my project(two separate projects) has crashed my computer. The object that held the for loop is no longer accessible in the project. I can still locate it through the file system of my computer and when I try to load it back into the project, I get a message...
  4. kammer_black

    Android / Amazon Fire AdMob Reward Video crashes before show up

    Good afternoon. I really need help. I've been trying to create a Reward video Ad in my game for 2 months and I can't. Nothing special: after the game over, the player click the button to watch the video and gain 15 XP'orbs. My code ---------- obj_admob (first object to load) - Game start -...
  5. Yellowhite

    SOLVED Ah... Why crash of that way?

    Hoi guys, i am creating the "Yellow Battle" project and... May i need a help guys, explaning... * I create a object and put in a room. * I save the room and RUN the game test. * In some time oft game, by example: "I am playing in the 2 minutes of games of NOTHING the game stop the fps (Keeping...
  6. V

    Mac OSX My app crashed on startup

    I want to create a Mac app. I choose MAC->YYC. Then I started XCode and built my app. Build was successful. I ran my app through XCode and it crashed on startup. I didn't see any logs. My system is Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 I saw CONSOLE app but it didn't show anything. Is it possible to know...
  7. rls1312

    Mac OSX GMS2 Crashes on startup after update (Mac)

    I just updated to the most recent version of GameMaker on Mac (2.2.5) and since updating, the application won't open. I've deleted all relevant files and cleared the ~/.config file as well before reinstalling. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing, or if anyone else has had the same...
  8. Skashi95

    Windows Test launch freezes computer

    Heya all, I hope my English is fine: So I have been working on a game for two years now and the resources gather up to +800 MB already. When I launch the game to test, it becomes more and more laggy and my computer is practically unusable. Since yesterday the lag stands for around 30 minutes...
  9. Gravityhamster48

    Windows Crash Without Error Report and Copying to a New Source File

    Howdy all! I have a question concerning my game GunDown. I noticed that in (to my knowledge it only happens in) world 3 on any stage that very rarely, the game crashes when you go to the shop. Straight up shuts down. It does not freeze. It does not report any error. The problem is: GunDown is...
  10. M

    Legacy GM how to save progress if Studio freezes

    hi, has happened to me multiple times, i exit the sprite editor and the program freezes. havent saved the project in some time since it auto saves upon testing and i dont want it to save before i know everything is fine and done correctly. now the Studio sits there saying 'program doesnt...
  11. S

    Windows IDE not launching (v

    My ide isn't launching on windows 8. When I try to run it it gives the spinny loading wheel next to the mouse for a moment then stops, with no window popping up at all. I checked task manager and it doesn't have the ide in the list of running apps either. I have version and no internet...
  12. D

    Windows GameMaker runtime crashes

    Hi I am building a game and GM runtime crashes when I run it without any error description in the log. No compilation errors. Tried both on Windows 10 and OSX Catalina. Lastest GM runtime Tried to look at ui.log, there are few errors there, but all related to IDE window scaling...
  13. Tornado

    Android / Amazon Fire In new GMS2 version game crashes on Android lower than 9.0.0!!!

    It seems that something is broken for Android in new version(s) of GMS2. The game crashes in Android VM and Android yyc apk on devices which run Android versions lower than 9.0.0!!! People can you confirm this? This is a serious issue!!! Couple days ago with older GMS2 I could run my game...
  14. Andrew Simms

    Mac OSX SOLVED: Game was Test Running, After installing Xcode, it won't

    I've been working on my first game for about 3 days now, and for all this time the game was test running in YoYo Runner just fine. (I'm on a MacBook btw) Randomly, the next time I opened GM2, the game won't run. I haven't changed anything in terms of coding. I downloaded an older version of...
  15. M

    GMS 2 Execute script with variable

    Hello everyone! I have a small problem in my mobile project. I created a button that should lead to the next level. All the level atributes are saved in scripts: scr_level1 , scr_level2 , scr_level 3 and so on. So in the button I added these lines: // this button is in rm_game //when button is...
  16. Schekhovtsov

    Android / Amazon Fire SOLVED: Game crash after first Google Play login and after Achievements window closing

    Hey. There are two problems: 1) The game crashes after the first authorization in the Google Play Games. at the next launches, everything is fine. 2) the game crashes when you close the Google Play Games achievements window (opening works fine). Both crashes occur without error. In another...
  17. Daniel Von Krauss

    Discussion IDE crashes silently after a variable amount of time

    Since at least two weeks ago I'm having random crashes in GMS2 with no error messages. These occur even if I'm not interacting with the program (it can crash on its own in the background). The behaviour is as if a gremlin inside the computer randomly the process at any random time. I have it...
  18. Karlstens

    Windows Unable to install GMS2 - Win X

    Hey fam, After installing and running GMS2 on my new WinX PC for about a week, I've found today that it won' t run. I attempted a reinstall via GameMakerStudio-Installer-, which installs without error, however there is no resulting ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2 folder, and the...
  19. M

    Android / Amazon Fire High crash rate google play

    Hi. I have a high crash rate on google play (about 2 percent). I notice that the most frequent mistakes are the same (libc ++ _ Anyone know how to fix it? I attach images.
  20. Z

    Question - IDE IDE crashes when installing the latest updates (

    Hello! It takes less than a minute when I run GMS, runtime installation starts, and it crashes. I have steam version. What to do?