cpu usage

  1. mbeytekin

    GMS 2.3+ Still high CPU usage nightmare persists.

    High CPU usage persists even in a still blank project. Isn't there really a solution to this? I am in a very difficult situation because most of our users complain about it on Steam. That's why there are refunds. Please I urgently need help with this. I tried to research everything related to...
  2. G

    Sleep Margin on Linux?

    Currently trying to make a headless dedicated server with GMS2 running on an AWS linux machine. I need it to perform GameMaker's collision functions to make the server more authorative (replicating these functions are incredibly difficult in other languages/engines). I'm very close, I've...
  3. C

    Mac OSX 2.3 Update Causes Very High CPU Usage

    Since updating to 2.3, I have noticed extremely high CPU usage for both the IDE and the YoYo Runner. I have tested using empty projects, and have found that the IDE sits at over 40% CPU when the laptop is unplugged (according to Activity Monitor), and when plugging in a power cable, the number...
  4. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension CPU Mercy - Lower CPU usage [100% to 10%]

    Hi everyone, I was working on my dedicated servers for my game, and noticed that (mainly on Linux) the game seems to use an entire CPU core, 100%, no matter the FPS. The FPS real was about 2300, the FPS was 60/60, yet the CPU usage was 100% on a single core machine. 100% on 1 core on a...
  5. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension Native CPU-Safe sleep() [WINDOWS+LINUX]

    Hi everyone, In order to solve another problem (high CPU usage on Ubuntu servers) I needed a way to safely sleep the game thread, without wasting CPU resources. I've made this asset now, and its available for free. So far it only supports Windows and Linux but the source is out there, so feel...
  6. Bingdom

    Gradually using more processing power

    Hello GMC. GM Version: 1.4.1773, .1788 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1007U @1.5Ghz Every time I hit compile, I notice that GMS' CPU usage increases in the task manager. My laptop isn't the beefiest of computers, so It can't take those hits really well. This leads to saving/compiling times...